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Tampere’s largest and most versatile centre for retail and entertainment is being built in the lakeside Ratina district in the city centre. Ratina.

Ratina will be the largest centre for retail and entertainment in terms of the type of businesses and selections. Ratina consists of three buildings of significant architectural value. Together they tell an interesting story of the development of the urban culture in Tampere. Two of the buildings, representing 1930s functionalism at its finest, will be renovated and modernised while respecting their heritage. The third building will be a magnificently spacious new building with a lot of light that represents high-quality contemporary design and construction.

2018Construction year
Parking spaces

Available spaces in this property

3. krs
80 m²
3. krs
98 m²
3. krs
144 m²
3. krs
243 m²
3. krs
279 m²
3. krs
331 m²

Property details

Hatanpään valtatie 3, 33100 Tampere ()
Visiting the shopping centre will be convenient, thanks to the functional and modern parking facility on the underground levels. The parking facility will have capacity for approximately 1,250 cars on two levels. The shopping centre can be directly accessed from the parking levels by escalators, inclined moving walkways and lifts.
Ratina is located along major streets and pedestrian and bicycle routes of the city centre, which is why it is easy to reach from the centre and further away alike. Ratina can be accessed on foot, by bicycle, car and public transport.
Ratina will include two grocery stores, specialty shops selling products and services in the areas of fashion, wellness, interior design and recreation, as well as a diverse range of restaurants and cafés.

Property contact

Eino Hankela
Leasing Manager
+358 20 431 3453

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