Business units

The Sponda organisation is divided into four areas that are based on business operations and customer needs: Office Properties, Shopping Centres, Property Development, and Property Investments.

Office Properties

Sponda’s high-quality and versatile business premises are in key urban locations and sites with good transport links in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and in the Tampere and Oulu business areas. Sponda owns 113 office properties. Their total leasable area is approximately 801,0500 m2, with a combined fair value of around EUR 2.2 billion. (30 June 2017)

Shopping Centres

The shopping centres owned by Sponda are in the Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu regions. Their total leasable area is approximately 201,500 m2, with a combined fair value of around EUR 1.2 billion. (30 June 2017)

Property Development

Sponda’s extensive land portfolio contains a wide variety of sites in key urban locations, with good public transport connections. The company’s property development projects are based on customer preferences and needs. Sponda’s new buildings are equipped with advanced technology, and our properties are designed to be environmentally efficient and customizable.

The flexibility of premises is a crucial consideration for Sponda in designing business premises. Other important concerns for us are the energy efficiency, location, and environmental certification of buildings. In designing new projects, we always pay close attention to the close surroundings of the building and the surrounding urban structure.

Property Investments

Our property investment unit is responsible for sales and acquisitions, and for investments in properties and in the maintenance of premises.