The General Meeting

The highest decision-making power in the company is exercised by its shareholders in the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The company’s AGM is held once a year on a date determined by the Board of Directors and within six (6) months of the end of the previous financial year. The AGM considers the matters stipulated in the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and Sponda’s articles of association. These include confirmation, among others, of the financial statements, deciding on the use of the profit shown in the balance sheet, electing the members of the Board of Directors and deciding on their remuneration, and appointing the company’s auditors and deciding on their fees.

Sponda publishes the notice of the AGM in accordance with its articles of association on the company website and a notice of the AGM’s time and place, as well as the website address where the notice of the AGM can be found, in at least one daily national newspaper determined by the Board of Directors. Shareholders wishing to attend the AGM are required to be registered before the AGM in the company’s shareholder register and to inform the company of their intention to attend the meeting in the manner stipulated in the AGM notice.

Extraordinary general meetings are convened when deemed necessary by the Board of Directors or when required by law.