Responsibility targets and actions in 2015

Energy and environmental efficiency

Objectives 2015 Results 2015  
The comparable total energy consumption of Sponda's properties in Finland (electricity, heating, district cooling) will decrease from the 2014 level.  Total comparable energy consumption of properties decreased by 1.7 per cent. Achieved
The comparable water consumption of Sponda's properties in Finland will decrease from the 2014 level. The water consumption decreased by 1.9 per cent compared to 2014. Achieved
The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions caused by the entire energy consumption of Sponda's properties in Finland will decrease from the level reported in the 2014 annual report. The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions caused by the entire energy consumption decreased by 18.4 per cent, and by 1.9 per cent for comparable properties. Achieved
The energy consumption of Sponda’s headquarters will decrease from the 2013 level.1) The electricity consumption of Sponda’s head office decreased by 12.7 per cent Achieved
The consumption of electricity and water will decrease in three of Sponda’s properties in Russia. The consumption of electricity of Sponda’s office properties in Russia decreased by 3.5 per cent. The property sold in June 2015 has been excluded from this figure. Achieved
The waste recovery rate of Sponda's properties in Finland will remain at least at the level of 96 per cent achieved in 2014. The waste recovery rate at the properties in Finland rose to 97 per cent. Achieved
The waste recycling and reuse rate in Sponda’s properties in Finland will be 50 per cent by the end of 2015. The waste recycling and reuse rate in Sponda’s properties in Finland was 45 per cent. Not achieved
The waste recycling and reuse rate of Sponda’s headquarters will, at minimum, remain at the level of 61 per cent achieved in 2014. The amount of office waste generated at the head office in 2015 decreased and the rate of waste recycling and reuse remained at the previous year’s level 60 per cent. Achieved
During 2015, at least two new environmental partnerships will be established. In 2015, two new environmental partnerships were established. Achieved
One new Green Lease contract will be concluded in 2015. One Green Lease contract was concluded during the year 2015. Achieved
Active and regular follow-up and reporting on the action plans of Sponda’s environmental partners during 2015. The objective is to reduce the environmental impact of partners. We continued the active management of environmental partnerships and, with our partners, we achieved a reduction of 1.2 per cent in energy consumption, equal to a decrease of 2.2 per cent in carbon dioxide emissions. Achieved
Sponda will apply for certification of all new building sites and large basic repair sites. We applied for certification for all newly constructed buildings and major renovation projects. We had five certification processes underway at the end of 2015. Achieved
During 2015, environmental certification will be achieved for at least one new building site and one basic repair site. We achieved our first LEED Platinum® certificate. The certificate was awarded to Estradi, an office property completed in Helsinki’s Lassila district. Achieved
The BREEAM® certification of the renovation project at Arkadiankatu 4-6 was not completed in 2015. Not achieved

1) The year of comparison is 2013 due to renovations and water damage dehumidification that took place in 2014 

Property locations

Long-term objectives Results 2015  
Increasing the share of shopping centres and office properties in the company’s property portfolio. In 2015, Sponda increased the share of shopping centres and office properties in its property portfolio. Achieved
Developing the property portfolio by concentrating on prime areas and locations with good public transport links . Sponda continued to implement its strategy by increasingly focusing its property portfolio on prime areas with good public transport links. Achieved

Enhancing the customer experience 

Objectives 2015 Results 2015  
Quantitative and qualitative development of customer communications. Practical implementation of the CRM models defined for updated customer segments in the previous year. Achieved
Renewing the Sponda website and providing an even better online customer experience. The new website went online in November 2015. Achieved
Overall satisfaction with co-operation with the lessor to remain at least at the same level as in 2014. The results of the customer satisfaction survey improved slightly from the previous year. Achieved

Investing in employees

Objectives 2015 Results 2015  
Operating models for the sharing of knowledge and best practices will be developed.  The sharing of best practices and expertise was developed by arranging several internal information and training events. Achieved
The different features of the new enterprise resource planning system will be used more efficiently in everyday work. The enterprise resource planning system was used and developed effectively in 2015. Achieved
Management and evaluation of competences that support the implementation of the company strategy. Supporting the strategic competences was enhanced inside the organisation in 2015 and the work will be continued in 2016. Achieved

Transparent and ethical operations

Objectives 2015 Results 2015  
Implementing the Code of Conduct and the UN Global Compact with personnel and interest groups. In 2015, 93 per cent of Sponda’s personnel in Finland and Russia completed training on the Code of Conduct. Training events were also organised during the year based on Sponda’s commitment to the UN Global Compact. Achieved

Taking the industry forward 

Long-term objectives Results 2015  
Sponda promotes best practices in the property sector by being an active participant in the activities and projects of organisations such as the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients RAKLI and EPRA, the umbrella organisation for listed European property investment companies.  We were an active participant in the operations of RAKLI in 2015. In addition we develop consistency and transparency in financial reporting for the real estate sector through our activities in EPRA. Achieved