Enhancing the customer experience

At Sponda, the customer experience is based on comfortable business premises that meet customer needs, as well as competent and professional customer service. We aim to develop interactive long-term partnerships with our customers.

The key aspects of the priority are:

  • Working environments and property services that support the customer’s operations
  • Comfort of the indoor environment
  • Customer safety and health
  • Supporting the customer’s responsibility goals

Why is this a priority?

The significance of the customer experience is being emphasised in the property sector as companies that seek business premises are increasingly focusing not only on prices per square metre, but also other factors. Trends such as the transformation in working culture, changes in purchasing behaviour, and awareness of environmental impacts are placing greater requirements on business premises and their suppliers.

The key building blocks of the customer experience are functional and high-quality business premises as well as competent personnel who understand the customer’s needs. At Sponda, we offer comfortable and flexible working environments that support the customer’s operations. We strive to ensure the safety and health of business premises customers by focusing on the comfort, cleanliness, air quality and temperature of the indoor environment.

Our goal is to achieve a long-term interactive partnership rather than a unilateral lessor-tenant relationship. This allows the customer to receive the maximum benefit from our strengths, namely the expertise of our personnel and our comprehensive portfolio of business premises.

In addition to creating added value for our customers, enhancing the customer experience also provides a competitive advantage for Sponda. Enhancing the customer experience is based on our goal-oriented and customer-focused way of working.

At the end of 2015, we had a total of 1,789 customers and 2,806 lease agreements. Our largest client sectors were the public sector, retail and banking.

Continuous focus on customer service

In leasing business premises, the customer experience begins even before the first encounter between the customer and the sales representative. Most customers use digital services to search for potential business premises. This means that high-quality search tools and a strong online presence are important for leasing operations.  With this in mind, our aim is to be easily approachable via a variety of channels, and to continuously develop various forms of customer service.

During the customer relationship, the emphasis is on the continuous development of the relationship, maintaining active contact with the customer, as well as property services. Our aim is to allow the customer to focus on their own business while we handle all property-related services in co-operation with our property management partners.

Sponda’s customers by sector 2015

Sector % of net rental income
Professional, scientific and technical activities 8.0
Energy 0.3
Public sector 11.8
Wholesale/retail 23.4
Education 1.2
Logistics/Transport 2.8
Hotel and catering business 6.0
Media /Publishing 3.4
Other services 15.4
Banking/Investment 8.5
Construction 3.6
Industry/manufacturing 4.1
Healthcare 5.3
Telecommunications 5.9
Others 0.3


Top 10 tenants 2015

State of Finland
Kesko Group
Danske Bank Plc
City of Espoo
Sweco Finland Ltd 
Sanoma Media Finland Oy
Elisa Corporation
Nordea Bank Finland Plc