Investing in employees

Sponda’s employees are characterised by their professional and motivated approach and good team spirit. Employee wellbeing and expertise are key success factors for Sponda, which is why we want to invest in the high-quality training of personnel and good leadership.

The key aspects of the priority are:

  • Improving professional expertise
  • Occupational wellbeing and job satisfaction
  • Safety and equal treatment of employees

Why is this a priority?

In addition to high-quality business premises, highly competent employees are one of our key strengths. Continuous personnel development and good leadership enable us to achieve our strategic objectives. They make Sponda a more attractive employer.

Personnel development is guided by customer orientation: training is planned based on strategy, customer and stakeholder feedback, and appraisal discussions. Sponda organises common training programmes for its personnel and offers the opportunity to participate in training outside the company. Sponda also encourages employees to adopt an independent and active approach to their work and self-development.

Aiming for employee wellbeing and equality

The realisation of equal opportunities is important to us. Our key objective is to ensure that employees do not experience any unequal treatment on the basis of gender, age, religion, health or other such factors. Fair and non-discriminatory treatment applies to the entire employment relationship, from recruitment to termination.

Wellbeing at work is the cornerstone of good work performance and work fitness. Our investment in the wellbeing and job satisfaction of our employees includes the provision of extensive and versatile occupational healthcare services, the objective of which is to prevent illnesses and problems resulting from stress and other work-related psychological factors, and to improve work fitness. In addition, Sponda has a special wellbeing programme to support the work fitness of employees who have been in working life for a long time.

We support our employees’ physical exercise and cultural activities, and we encourage employees to adopt environmentally friendly and sporty commuting habits by offering them company bicycles.

Employees are involved in development efforts

Sponda monitors job satisfaction and organisational effectiveness with the help of an annual employee survey. All of Sponda's personnel are covered by appraisal discussions. Everyone’s understanding of the connection between their own work and Sponda’s strategy and goals is ensured in appraisal discussions. The progress and achievement of each employee’s personal goals is assessed with the help of appraisal discussions, customer feedback and employee surveys.

Sponda uses an incentive scheme that covers the entire personnel and is based on the company’s common goals and on personal annual targets set specifically for each employee. Sponda also has an employee share programme that gives employees the opportunity to use net remuneration earned pursuant to the incentive scheme for the purpose of acquiring merit pay shares and, in addition, receive funds from Sponda to acquire additional shares under the terms defined in the share programme.