Objectives and measures: Taking the industry forward

Measures taken in 2015

Sponda introduced a new communal service concept, Mothership of Work (MOW), in 2015. MOW is Finland’s first coworking space in this scale and it was opened in February 2016 in central Helsinki. MOW allows independent entrepreneurs to benefit from flexible services and communality.

Another example of Sponda’s research and development work is the Citycenter VIP Key, which was developed jointly by Sponda and the advertising agency TBWA. The VIP Key is intended for loyal customers of the Citycenter shopping centre property and it is equipped with a small RFID tag. It allows customers to be identified as soon as they enter the shopping centre in order to offer personalised services to them.

We were an active participant in the operations of the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI) in 2015. RAKLI working groups aim to prevent the grey economy and determine the actual tax base of properties, as the increase in energy tax also results in higher taxes for the real estate industry. We also participated in the operations of Green Building Council Finland (FiGBC) in working groups focused on subjects ranging from the environmental certification of properties and classification tools to the use and maintenance of properties.

In 2015, the Climate Partners network launched the Climate Street project, which is aimed at creating test areas in central Tikkurila in Vantaa and Iso Roobertinkatu in Helsinki to pilot and present climate solutions. Sponda is participating in the project by calculating the carbon footprint of its Iso Roobertinkatu property and taking measures to reduce it. The City of Helsinki will carry out a street renovation of Iso Roobertinkatu with a focus on environmental perspectives and making the street more attractive. The duration of the Climate Street project is two years and its energy savings target is 20 per cent. We also participated in the production of the KTI Property Information publication Responsible Property Business 2015.

Energy-efficient co-operation

Sponda is a signatory to the voluntary business premises energy efficiency action plan (TETS), which is part of the real estate sector’s energy efficiency agreement. The agreement is coordinated by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI). The objective of the energy efficiency agreement is to decrease energy consumption in the properties included in the agreement by six per cent during 2011-2016. Sponda reports annually on its actions and results related to the achievement of this energy saving target. We are making progress towards achieving our TETS target within the framework of Sponda’s Energy efficiency programme. We also co-operate with tenants under our Environmental Partnership model, which is based on jointly monitoring and developing the environmental efficiency of participating properties.

In spring 2015, Sponda again participated in the global WWF Earth Hour environmental awareness initiative, involving organisations and private individuals around the world switching off their lights for one hour. The event’s purpose is to unite people to protect the planet.  Sponda switched off the lights at eleven of its properties, including all of its shopping centres in Finland.

Long-term objective