Interest in eco-efficiency on the Aalto campus

Sponda and its partners organised an environmental awareness event at Aalto University’s Department of Architecture and Department of Media.

The event at Aalto University’s Otaniemi campus promoted the reduction of energy consumption and environmental load. The event also gave those who study and work at the university the opportunity to learn more about ecologically efficient solutions. The users of the premises on campus were also given information on ecological actions at the personal level, such as how the carbon footprint can be influenced by one’s daily eating habits.

“We wanted to engage the users of the premises and encourage them to act in an increasingly ecological way. The event stemmed from the environmental partnership agreement signed between Aalto and Sponda in late 2014,” says Sponda’s Sustainability Manager Hanna Duraku.

Partnership for the good of the environment

Sponda and its environmental partners set environmental targets for properties owned by Sponda. The targets set for the Miestentie 3 property in Otaniemi are to reduce the building’s energy and water consumption by two per cent from the previous year while further increasing the efficiency of waste recycling.

“We wanted to engage the users of the premises and encourage them to act in an increasingly ecological way.”

“We monitor the property’s energy consumption, recycling rate and water consumption on a monthly basis and aim to proportion them to the highly variable number of students here. I have heard that students even spend nights in sleeping bags here,” Duraku says.

Säde Palmu, chair of Aalto University’s Guild of Architecture, gave a speech at the event.

“It is good for future designers to take environmental considerations into account during their studies. For example, where the recyclable materials of scale models end up after use and how they could be recycled in the most efficient way to minimise landfill waste. I would encourage everyone here to consider the issues highlighted at this event in our own activities,” Palmu said.

The exhibitors at the event also included Corbel and Lassila&Tikanoja, which are responsible for cleaning and maintenance at the property, and the environmental organisation WWF.