Responsibility is an integral part of our strategy and day-to-day operations: it supports Sponda’s long-term viability. The term Spondability communicates our holistic approach to responsibility.

We have set annual targets and defined key actions for Sponda’s strategic priorities, namely environmental responsibility and managing the customer experience. The Executive Board and the Board of Directors regularly monitor the achievement of targets and implementation of actions.

We also encourage our employees to work towards the goals related to environmental responsibility and the customer experience. These two priorities are included as factors in the incentive scheme that covers all personnel.

Sponda has six responsibility priorities that we use to achieve our strategic objectives. We report annually on the objectives under each priority and the previous year’s achievements in each area.  Read more about our priorities in the Operations and Results section of this annual report:

In addition, we evaluate the threats and opportunities related to environment and climate change risks relevant to our operations in an annual risk assessment.

Responsibility commitments

Sponda’s Code of Conduct lays a foundation for Sponda’s responsibility efforts and their management as well as for our stakeholder co-operation. The Code of Conduct has been approved by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.

In 2014, Sponda signed the UN Global Compact to mark its commitment to ten responsibility principles related to human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. We report annually on the measures we take to realise the principles of the Global Compact initiative.

Sponda’s Code of Conduct and the UN Global Compact contain our commitment to anti-corruption. The Code of Conduct is available to stakeholders on the Sponda website.