"We want to do things differently"

Katja Holmström works as a Leasing Manager for shopping centres in Helsinki.

What types of skills does your job require?
My job description is diverse, as my duties require an understanding of the property investment business, property development, and shopping centres as operating environments. One must be able to look at premises issues from the perspective of commercial chain operators and their concepts. One must know how consumer behaviour changes, be familiar with the trends in the commerce industry, and understand what constitutes profitability in the industry. The work is also international, as one should be familiar with retail both in Finland and abroad.

To be successful in the position, one should
have a systematic and organised approach to sales work. The ability to see the big picture and to understand the causal relations of different concepts is also vital. Sometimes, the job calls for the ability to question things, and sharing your know-how with the customer is always recommended. An innovative, solution-focused approach pushes you forward. An interest towards the commercial industry is necessary.

What makes Sponda successful?
Sponda is one of the largest property investment companies. Our offices and retail spaces are interesting and well situated. Our employees are motivated and inspired experts of the industry. We want to be trailblazers and do things differently to benefit our customers.

What inspires your work at Sponda?
Excellent products that have great potential for development. The best colleagues and team work; our days are full of energy and laughter!