Sponda as a workplace

At Sponda, you have the opportunity to work in diverse and interesting positions related to the selling, renting and development of properties and maintaining and developing customer relationships. Our employees also include professionals in financial management, finance, system development and maintenance, legal affairs, communication, marketing and human resource management.

Employee well-being is very important to us. We have a strong focus on high-quality leadership and management, and we evaluate it annually. We encourage our employees to develop themselves and be independent and active in their own work. We also get together for joint training events and provide opportunities for participating in coaching and training outside our organisation.

We invest in the work fitness of our employees. As a Sponda employee, you will have access to comprehensive healthcare as well as high-quality tools and premises. We also support our employees' physical exercise and cultural activities, and our active recreation club regularly organises various cultural events to delight our employees. Employees can use a company bicycle for commuting, or ride to a meeting on the Meeting Pony bicycle parked in front of our head office. Another highlight is the annual SponDay, a recreation and vision-building event for all employees.

We reward good performance. Sponda has a bonus scheme that covers all employees.