Guide to finding business premises

The search for new business premises begins with two basic questions: To where would your company like to move? How many workstations do you need?

Our guide to finding business premises makes the process easier, from the early stages of planning all the way to the move. Download the guide from the link and watch a short video presentation.

 Download a guide 

Quick tips for finding new facilities

Focus on one aspect at a time to get the best result. Pay attention to the following aspects:

The right location makes your business run more efficiently.
Facility solutions
Facility solutions enhance productivity and a good work atmosphere.

Personnel development
Allow space for personnel development and growth.

Special needs
Invest in efficiency by identifying your employees’ special needs.

External lobby, security and catering services make day-to-day business run more smoothly.

Property maintenance
Find out the extent of the property maintenance services included in your lease.

Finding new business premises often takes time. Allow at least 6–12 months for the process.

Keep efficiency and productivity in mind when looking for business premises. Pay attention to what is included in the rent.

Consult our guide for more detailed advice.

 Download a guide