Tenant memo

Mapping out the need for office space

An office space should always meet the unique needs of each company, regarding both operation and costs. When thinking of changing location, one should take at least the following points into consideration, which can have a great impact on the success of the business in the new location. One should be certain that the proprietor of the office space can provide a broad view on these matters supporting the decision making

Would a central, suburban or more remote location suit your business best?

  • Does the reputation of the area suit your business?
  • Is there a possibility for creating synergy with other businesses in the area?
  • Is there a possibility for expansion?
  • Does the location mean restricting the recruitment of employees?
  • Are there services in the area that supports the business?
  • Are there services in the area central for employees (stores, schools, healthcare services, restaurants)?
  • Would the transportation and pedestrian flows serve the operation better than in the current location?
  • Have the logistics needs been taken into consideration (needs for heavy traffic, vicinity of airport, railway, harbor etc.)?
  • Are the possibilities for commuting (public transportation and parking spots) suitable?
Acquiring process for office space

The time taken to find a suitable office space varies. The process can take from one day to months and is usually case-dependent and varies according to the size and needs of the customer. If the office space is tailored according to the customer’s wishes, it can take more time than acquiring a so-called set package. Also the termination period of the lease of the current facilities needs to be taken into consideration.
  • mapping out of suitable office space
  • choosing the premises
  • contract negotiations
  • visiting of the new premises
  • planning of the use of office space
  • adaptation work of the office space
  • choosing of the moving company
  • designing of the removal of the information system
  • timetabling and resourcing
  • informing the employees
  • inventory of the furniture and planning for the new office space
  • recycling of old furniture and acquiring new furniture

Checkinglist for the removal

Preparations for removal of a company should be undertaken well in advance, Organization of a removal often requires a work group that makes a timetable for the removal project and directs it. Usually outside help is also needed by a company so the removal will be as efficient and systematic as possible. The company also has needed staff and vehicles for the removal. Moving companies can also provide help for the planning of the removal. A removal is always a demanding process, both physically and mentally. Hence, it is a good idea to inform the employees properly about the removal.

  • packing
  • protecting the needed surfaces
  • dismantling of furniture
  • removal
  • Installing of furniture
  • setting up the telecommunications
  • final cleaning
  • disposal of archives
  • final check