Freelance and network-based work are becoming increasingly common. Sponda responds to future needs by introducing, as a pioneer in Finland, a large-scale cowork office.

Working life is currently undergoing its greatest changes in decades. Independent work and remote work are becoming more common, and working groups only come together for individual projects. Networking and agile-sized companies are responding to the global change of the markets, which is driven by factors such as digitalisation and robotisation.

All this was discovered in Sponda’s extensive background research, which was conducted as preparation for founding the new Mothership of Work community. The MOW is an office space that will be opened in February 2016 on Pieni Roobertinkatu in Helsinki, where independent entrepreneurs can benefit from flexible services and communality.

“The concept of cowork, or a shared office space, is a huge global trend,” states Marjaana Toiminen, a business coach specialising in digital solutions.

Barcelona, New York, Helsinki…

New cowork premises are constantly being opened in major cities in Europe. According to Toiminen, there are already 280 cowork premises in the Barcelona area, providing working space for 12,000 people . In the United States, a chain of co-work premises, called WeWork, was opened five years ago; in July, the value of the chain was estimated to be some EUR 10 billion.

Toiminen estimates that the phenomenon is linked to the networked way of working.

“It will certainly become more common. The share of freelancers and other people working alone will increase everywhere. n the future, ideas will be more important than organisations ,” she adds.

The growth has been most intense in the United States, where one third of the labour force already consists of freelancers. In Finland, too, their numbers have grown throughout the first decades of the 21st century.

Communality in entrepreneurship

The MOW concept developed by Sponda will provide independent entrepreneurs with the communality they have been wishing for. Members of the MOW will have all the services on the premises at their disposal. Services are being developed all through the autumn with members of the focus group.

One example of the plans is the relocation service, which takes care of all practical issues on behalf of the entrepreneur. The new facilities contain everything necessary.

When designing the premises, the requirements of project work and work demanding good concentration have also been taken into account. There are spaces of different sizes for various purposes, and a company or a freelancer may flexibly increase or decrease their space depending on their projects.

Comfort has not been forgotten, either. A restaurant, a sauna, common kitchens, a lounge and a library are available for all users of the premises.

“For an entrepreneur, it is often beneficial to be offered meaningful services as part of the lease to make everyday life easier. The MOW offers these services as part of the lease; normally, companies consisting of only a few persons might not have access to them otherwise. At the MOW, small businesses can achieve the muscle mass of a large enterprise,” Toiminen explains.

The property will also contain varied technological services, as well as a common MOW application with digital services. The MOW host or hostess will make sure that entertaining and inspiring events are organised on the premises. He or she will also help people to get acquainted and to network.

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