Located along global traffic flows, Aviapolis and the urban neighbourhood of Tikkurila is expected to combine into the most significant urban centre in Finland of the future.

Many Finns living in the metropolitan area know where the Aviapolis area is located but only a few know how significant this area next to Helsinki Airport is for the future of the entire Helsinki metropolitan area.

“The unique location of Aviapolis creates internationally significant growth potential in the area.” 

“Aviapolis is completely unique on an international scale. You can’t find a growth centre with room to expand around it so close to an airport anywhere else in the world. Elsewhere, noise pollution prevents placing services and residential buildings right next to an airport. However, Aviapolis is located in a pocket protected from noise pollution south of the airport, and this unique characteristic creates enormous growth potential for the area,” says Arja Lukin, Project Director at the City of Vantaa.

Already the fastest growing job area in Finland

Aviapolis is already the fastest growing area for jobs in Finland – and the area also features the most diverse services in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Thanks to its global traffic connections, Aviapolis has transformed into a neighbourhood where you can hear English almost as often as Finnish.  

Aviapolis on tällä hetkellä Suomen nopeimmin kasvava työpaikka-alue.

Aviapolis is an international airport city in the middle of a metropolitan area. Its location in a traffic hub has made it the largest and strongest growing business area and employment centre in the Helsinki region.

“Almost a third of the companies in the area are international, and internationality is also strongly reflected in the population of the area,” says Lukin.

Now, more spaces and environments suitable for living and services are being created in the area.

Tikkurila: another strong growth centre

Another strong growth centre in Vantaa is Tikkurila. This neighbourhood is connected even more seamlessly to the airport and Aviapolis thanks to the Ring Rail Line, and to other growth cities in Finland through the railway network.

“In Vantaa’s city plan, Aviapolis, Tikkurila and Myyrmäki are regarded as the strongest growth centres of the future. The urban Tikkurila full of history completes the younger and international Aviapolis with its extensive service offering,” Lukin defines.

Väritehtaankadun kiinteistö sijaitsee Tikkurilan juna-aseman yhteydessä.

The latest and most modern office building in Tikkurila will be completed in connection with the Tikkurila railway station and Dixi shopping centre.

The number of residents in Tikkurila has doubled since the 1980s to the current 42,000 residents. Companies have also flocked to Tikkurila. After 2012, Tikkurila has also seen the construction of second most business premises in Vantaa, surpassed only by Aviapolis.

Especially the complex opening in connection with the railway station – a modern property ensemble of business premises, a new hotel and Dixi shopping centre – has proved to be a recipe for success that attracts companies, residents and property investors alike.

“Tikkurila’s population has doubled. Great public transport connections and modern office spaces attract also companies and investors in the area.”

The latest and most modern office building in Tikkurila will be completed in connection with the Tikkurila railway station and Dixi shopping centre.

The office building with six storeys features a restaurant, grocery store, hotel and gym, among other things. Lehto Group is one of the companies moving their premises to the property at Väritehtaankatu 8. Already 70 per cent of the building’s premises are already leased.

Growth blurs the borders of neighbourhoods

According to Lukin, the record-breaking growth of the areas will likely lead to even further blurring of the borders of the neighbourhoods in the future.

“It is clear that as the growth continues, Aviapolis and Tikkurila will grow into one another and create a new strong and dynamic urban centre in the Helsinki metropolitan area.” 


Phtotos: WTWMF, LAK Real Estate Oy / Juha Jaakola, Markus Sommers



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