The popular Swedish hair extension brand Rapunzel of Sweden has started its conquest of the global market in Finland. After careful consideration, Citycenter in the heart of Helsinki was chosen as its first retail space.

Hair extension and hairpiece specialist Rapunzel of Sweden has grown into a success story in just seven years. The beauty industry company, named after a fairy-tale princess, was founded by Ida Backlund and first operated as an online store. In 2011, it expanded to concept stores.

When a business is planning to take over the world, it is crucial to carry out painstaking research into retail spaces: what is the best location for your shop in a new country. The Rapunzel of Sweden store that opened in Citycenter in August is the first step towards the internationalisation of the retail concept.

 According to Salon & Store Manager Sonja Vaatsio (right) and hair stylist Rosa Havukainen, Citycenter’s marketing has supported Rapunzel’s development and marketing in a remarkable way.

“We are also Rapunzel’s first shop in a shopping centre, as all five shops in Sweden are traditional brick-and-mortar shops,” says Salon & Store Manager Sonja Vaatsio.

Personal sales expedites also online sales

The retail space covers around 75 square metres, and the front part hosts a product shop and a meeting point where you can, for instance, charge your mobile or hang around on social media for a while. There are four styling stations.

“We have aimed for a young, approachable atmosphere in the shop,” says Vaatsio.

Young women have embraced the Citycenter newcomer. Even though Rapunzel products have been easily available online for years, personal service and deeper knowledge of the products makes the customer experience richer.

“Customers value the hair stylists’ expertise and want to touch and feel the products before making the decision to purchase them.”

The latest trends in hair extensions are warm shades of red and copper. Conditioning colour masks are also popular because they allow you to adjust the basic colours of hair extensions to your liking. There is also demand for extensions to make your hair look fuller.

Social media and blogger support constructing Rapunzel’s brand

Rapunzel employs five people in Finland and trusts the power of social media in constructing their brand.

“Soon we will produce our own material for Instagram and Snapchat. We also co-operate with bloggers.”

Vaatsio is also excited about the co-operation with Citycenter’s marketing.

“The shopping centre’s marketing experts are so nice and willing to help and develop our operations,” she says.



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