Mika Mäkeläinen, author of the Taivas+Helvetti (Heaven+Hell) series of books, is convinced that Finland has all the conditions for success.

"Finland can’t succeed because we lack capital, we have such a small population, and even our climate is miserable. This kind of talk is utter nonsense."

That is the opinion of Mika Mäkeläinen, serial entrepreneur and author of the Taivas+helvetti (Heaven+Hell) series of books.

Mäkeläinen says fear, cynicism and paralysis are the arch enemies that keep Finns from achieving their dreams and financial goals. He is an advocate of entrepreneurship who believes that there is an entrepreneur in all of us. While everyone can’t become an entrepreneur, and not everyone even wants to, all people strive for happiness and a good life.

Genuine passion feeds sustainable success. The best results are achieved when the desire to produce joy and value for customers is a bigger motivator than money

In addition to passion, entrepreneurship requires endurance and adaptability. Successful entrepreneurs can take hits, recover quickly, and maintain their capacity to function even under great pressure.

Actions, not just words

Mäkeläinen says Finland needs its policy-makers to take concrete action that supports entrepreneurship and extends beyond the terms of office of individual governments.

"After admitting the facts, we need to redefine the role and objectives of the welfare society. Our simplified plan for our shared future must be inspiring and ambitious."

Mäkeläinen points out that we can all build the life we want through our own choices.

"All too often, we look for problems everywhere except within ourselves. We imagine that we have more rights and fewer responsibilities, but actually it’s the other way around. We should have more responsibilities towards each other and the community we live in, which would ensure that we can also look after future generations."

According to Mäkeläinen, it is amazing how often fate follows what you do.

"Your quality of life can change dramatically if you are just prepared to state your dreams out loud and make them a reality. You have to stop dwelling on things and take action."

Mäkeläinen’s books give the reader hope for a better future and an idea of everything we can achieve through our own free will and actions. You just have to believe it and want it.

Text: Nina Garlo-Melkas