Ratina’s new mobile application gives customers the chance to become part of the shopping centre’s inner circle. The application offers attractive promotional benefits and current information to help customers get even more out of this community-driven shopping centre.

The release of Friends of Ratina, the highly awaited mobile application of the Ratina shopping centre—known for its strong sense of community—was marked not only by advertising campaigns, but also a high-profile event.

The launch of Ratina’s customer loyalty programme, which is based on a mobile application, was connected to a Valentine’s Day party headlined by the popular singer-songwriter Mikko Harju.

The app was downloaded more than 1,000 times during the first weekend.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, a mobile voucher was added to the Ratina app to give the first 500 members of the customer loyalty programme the opportunity to enjoy a free cup of coffee with a friend at Ciao! Caffe in Ratina

The launch of the Ratina app was connected to a Valentine’s Day party headlined by the popular singer-songwriter Mikko Harju.

Ratina’s Shopping Centre Manager Mervi Ahola expected the event to draw a big crowd, but the extent of its popularity still took her by surprise. 

“The mobile vouchers offered by Ratina’s businesses were met with such an excited response from the guests that the shopping centre’s data network went down for a while due to the large amount of download activity. It was no wonder really – the app was downloaded more than 1,000 times during the weekend,” Ahola says with a laugh. 

Guests received heart-shaped Ratina balloons in addition to great promotions on their mobile devices. 

The network was quickly brought back online and the visitors to the shopping centre were able to take advantage of the special launch day promotions and get to know the new app. 

The Ratina app was developed in response to customer wishes

Ratina is a shopping centre that was developed in co-operation with the residents of Tampere and the neighbouring towns, and end user input also played a role in the design of the mobile application.

Ideas from the Ratina customer panel were used in the development of the app to improve customer engagement and ensure that the app serves the shopping centre’s visitors as well as possible.

“The primary wish was for the app to have genuinely attractive customer benefits that change often enough."

“The primary wish was for the app to have genuinely attractive and targeted customer benefits that change often enough. Communication about events and 3D guide maps to make shopping easier were also high on the list,” Ahola explains.

The application also includes shop info as well as a lunch info section, with information on the lunch menus and special offers available at the shopping centre. Another feature of the Ratina app is an easy-to-use feedback channel, and Ahola hopes customers will make good use of it.

Getting the most out of Ratina’s events and services

The “what’s on” section of the application helps customers keep abreast of the various events held at Ratina and makes it easier to get the most out of Ratina’s community-oriented services.

Among other things, the section includes information on the opening hours of the shopping centre’s free-of-charge drop-in childcare service and a schedule that shows when new pop-up shops will open for business at Ratina. There’s also information on the shopping centre’s special events during holiday periods. 

Ratina’s events are known for featuring popular performers. The choice of artist for the Valentine’s Day party was again well received.

In practice, the Ratina app makes it possible to make services more targeted at specific customer groups.

 “If the shopping centre is full of families with children, we can quickly highlight products and services that are of interest to them, which creates added value for their visit.”

“In the future, the app will also feature promotional offers from Ratina’s partners outside the shopping centre.”

Ahola says there are plans to expand and diversify the range of promotional benefits offered through the app.

“In the future, the app will also feature promotional offers from Ratina’s partners, giving our customers access to offers and benefits outside the walls of this shopping centre,” Ahola says.  

The Ratina app also benefits retailers and employees

The new application is also useful for the people who work in the shopping centre. Even before it was launched for use by customers, the application was used as an Employee ID and for internal communication among personnel.

“Shops can use the app to offer benefits to their employees as well as customers. It allows them to quickly reach all of their personnel instead of sending e-mail messages that end up sitting unread in people’s inboxes,” Ahola explains.

The new Ratina app is also popular among the people who work at the Ratina shopping centre. It replaces plastic ID cards and provides a quick communication channel for personnel.  

The Shopping Centre Manager is also pleased about the fact that the new application reduces the amount of printed promotional material.

“The shops at Ratina no longer need to print discount vouchers or flyers for our events. All this can now be done in a more eco-friendly way, while also providing even better service to customers than before.”


How to download the Ratina app:

  • Download the Ratina app from the App Store (Apple devices) or the Google Play Store (Android devices).
  • When the download has been completed, register as a user. You will be prompted to enter your name and contact details.
  • You can choose whether to receive marketing communications from Ratina. 
  • The app is now ready to use and you are a member of Ratina’s customer loyalty programme.
  • In the promotional vouchers section you will find exclusive offers for members. The mobile vouchers are for single use and they are redeemed at the point of sale in the shop in question.
  • The shopping centre will regularly add new surprise offers to the app. Keep an eye on the app and visit the shopping centre at the right time to take advantage of the special offers that interest you!  





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