Sweco Finland, a specialist in the built environment and industry, will lease its new office premises from a new building in Ilmalanrinne. The transition will bring the company’s almost 1 000 employees under the same roof for the very first time.

Sponda will develop three office buildings with a floor area of more than 18,000 square metres in Helsinki’s Ilmala district for Sweco. The new premises will be a low-energy project that will apply for international LEED Gold environmental certification.

Sweco is both Sponda’s customer and partner. Sweco, one of the leading companies in its industry, takes part in the Ilmalanrinne project as the developer consultant, energy and environmental consultant and structural engineer.

“We want to practise how we consult in own premises as well,” Sweco Finland’s CEO Markku Varis says.

The three office buildings in Ilmalanrinne will be completed in December 2015, and Sweco will move into the new premises at the beginning of 2016.

Energy consumption cut

Sweco is committed to sustainability in its business.

“We have adopted the ISO 14001 environmental standard, and the new building in Pasila will meet the requirements set by the standard”, Markku Varis says.

Sweco has for long focused on eco-efficiency, and continuously monitors the efficiency, functionality and comfortability of both its own premises and its consultancy. Sweco also concentrates on reducing energy consumption and waste.

“There is no wasted floor area in Ilmalanrinne, yet the premises are still adaptable and comfortable and fitting for our modern way of doing business,” Varis describes.

“Cooperation with Sponda has gone excellently, as we have shared objectives, such as ecological efficiency.”

Sweco underwent a selection process that took almost a year before deciding on relocating. Good location, adaptability, efficiency and comfortability were Sweco’s key selection criteria. However, the most important thing was that the premises are suitable for Sweco’s customer-oriented business.

“We are a specialist company and it is important to us that our employees feel good at work, and that the use of space supports our way of doing business. This always benefits our clients as well. The new premises are particularly well suited for cooperation and they facilitate novel ways and situations of customer-focused and service-oriented way of working,” Varis says.

Apart from individual rooms, there will be meeting rooms, casual public premises as well as silent work areas in Sweco’s new premises. The efficiency of the company’s use of space will enhance compared to the current situation. Sweco’s employees are currently located in eight different addresses in the metropolitan area.

Ilmalanrinne is a vantage point

The new building in the vicinity of Ilmala is located close to convenient traffic connections by train as well as other forms of public transport from and to the entire Helsinki metropolitan area. All directions are easily accessible by car as well, and the airport is located half an hour’s drive away.

Being located close to the city centre helps in avoiding the worst traffic congestion. The Ring Rail Line to be opened in summer 2015 and the West Metro, which will begin trafficking in 2016, will further increase the options available.

The three office buildings in Ilmalanrinne will be completed in December 2015, and Sweco will move into the new premises at the beginning of 2016. There is still an unused building right for two new office buildings in Ilmala.

Sponda currently has another property project underway besides Ilmalanrinne. The Estradi office building in Helsinki’s Lassila district, at the junction of Ring Road I and Hämeenlinna motorway, reached roof height recently.

Sponda is a significant developer in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and the company’s property development projects make up a significant part of the new building projects under construction in the Helsinki area. Sponda develops all properties for long-term ownership and leasing of.



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