Digital service company Frantic has been growing at a rapid pace. The company found new premises in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, and just like the company’s previous offices, the new space is nothing but ordinary.

Frantic has doubled its number of staff in three years. The new office in the Poiju centre in Ruoholahti is the third office of the digital service design company in a course of a few years.

Frantic’s previous premises were located at Kalevankatu 30 in a former industrial property owned by Sponda. Before that, the company held its office at Sponda’s premises at Iso Roobertinkatu 28.

The company needed more creative space for spontaneous brainstorming and new ideas.

“We outgrew our previous premises and had to turn even our creative spaces into offices. Now we have enough space for both creative brainstorming and quiet work,” says Tiina Lehtilä, HR Manager at Frantic.

Higher energy levels

Frantic moved to Porkkalankatu 20 at the start of February.

“We are particularly happy with the way these premises support our creative work. Furthermore, we wanted all of our office space to be located on the same floor to avoid an upstairs-downstairs divide. We want our community to remain warm and close-knit, a workplace where everyone knows each other by their first names,” Lehtilä says.

The new Frantic office is full of light. Almost all the exterior walls are made of glass.

“The large windows might be difficult to manage, particularly in the summer, but at least for now, I can say that they have had an immense positive effect on the energy level of our staff”, Lehtilä notes.

Hosting customer events at the office

The relocation doubled the company’s office space to over 900 square metres. The new ample premises are suitable for hosting, for instance, large-scale events for customers.

“We have also invested in technology at the new office. Our audio equipment is top-notch, and we have a three-metre wide screen,” Lehtilä says.

The new space can also be used for staff get-togethers, presentations or weekend pre-parties.

Power naps boost creativity

Frantic has lots of different working spaces.

“Our employees can choose whether to work on one of our lush sofas, in a quiet room for two, a rocking chair, the kitchen and break room, or at a flexible workstation. And no one will look twice if they see someone sitting on the floor, sketching frantically on a giant piece of paper,” Lehtilä describes the workplace.

Because a rested mind is a creative mind, the new office has a quiet nook for napping. Frantic employees can use the space to take a power nap or enjoy some leisurely work on their laptops in a hammock.

“We encourage our employees to work where and how they see fit. The nap nook is one of our most popular working spaces. And yes, our employees are allowed to nap on the job. If you are tired, it is better to take a short nap and get back to work with a rested mind,” Lehtilä says.

Frantic wanted to have a wall-to-wall carpet also in its new office. The carpet absorbs sound and makes the space more home-like.

“We leave our shoes at a shoe rack by the entrance and only wear socks indoors. Being without shoes makes the atmosphere relaxed and cosy!” Lehtilä adds.

“We want to be easy to reach”

The company chose Ruoholahti also because of its central location.

“We want to be easy to reach from all directions,” Lehtilä says.

Frantic has been Sponda’s customer for over ten years.

“Communication and practical arrangements have been smooth with Sponda over the years. Sponda has always provided us with a new space to suit our changing needs,” Lehtilä concludes.

Text: Nina Garlo-Melkas



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