Gloria Fashion Show, the most highly anticipated fashion event of the autumn, again attracted an audience of thousands. This year, fashion enthusiasts watched the shows in the urban setting of Ruoholahti, right in the middle of an ongoing renovation project. The warehouse building owned by Sponda is in the process of being converted into editorial office space for Sanoma Media.

The ninth annual Gloria Fashion Show gave the audience a glimpse of the trendiest clothing, footwear and apparel for the autumn and winter season. The dimensions of the space used made an impression on the guests themselves: the eight-metre-high hall was originally built as a bottle warehouse for Alko.

“Gloria Fashion Show is practically the only fashion event open to the general public that provides a comprehensive look at the upcoming season’s fashions. Fashion enthusiasts look forward to the event and hold it in high esteem, which gives it an exciting and festive atmosphere that is also reflected in how the guests dress up for the occasion. The atmosphere is created by the interplay of several different factors: the latest fashions, models, music, and the audience. You also need to have the extra ingredient of something new and unexpected. This time around, that extra ingredient was the space used,” says Tuomas Littunen, Communications Manager at Sanoma Media Finland.

The renovation of the eight-metre-high hall was completed at the beginning of the summer. Sanoma wanted to make use of this impressive space even before furnishing it for use as the editorial offices of Gloria and other Sanoma Media magazines.

“The Gloria Fashion Show gave us a unique opportunity to give our readers and key stakeholders a behind-the-scenes look at the world of media and fashion.”

The urban environment of Ruoholahti, the rough appearance of the old warehouse and the ongoing renovation work at the property served as sources of inspiration for Lauri Johansson, the man responsible for the fashion show’s visual design. He had the guests seated in stands built from scaffolding and also designed a functional area for partners.

Fireworks of fashion and visual pleasures

The five fashion shows organised during the two-day event attracted a total audience of approximately 2,500 guests.

“The fashion show for invited guests at the Gloria Fashion Show event is a highly anticipated event that again featured familiar faces from the worlds of fashion, beauty and media. The event also received a great deal of coverage in newspapers and magazines as well as fashion blogs, ensuring that the event’s special atmosphere and the shows themselves reached an even larger audience.”

While the Gloria Fashion Show was held in a space that has already been renovated, the rest of the premises for Sanoma Group will continue to be a construction site until next spring.

“It was great that Sponda and the contractor, Kenno-Rakenne, were enthusiastic and open-minded about getting involved in this ambitious project and flexible with regard to the special arrangements required, such as building a catwalk and stands for the audience,” Littunen says.

The event required turning an office building into an event arena. Challenges such as access to the fourth floor were resolved by careful planning, including timing the use of lifts down to the seconds.

A three-office campus

Sanoma is in the process of centralising its operations in the Helsinki metropolitan area at a campus comprised of three offices. The newest part of the campus, Ruoholahden Poijut, will be only two metro stops away from the Sanomatalo building, to which it is also connected by the Baana pedestrian and bicycle corridor. The third component of the campus is the Sanomala building in Vantaa. The centralisation of operations also allows Sanoma Group, which is the largest media company in Finland and the second largest in the Nordic region, to have its studio located right next to its editorial offices.

The premises will house a modern multispace environment that supports collaborative work and the sharing of ideas while enabling the implementation of new and flexible ways of working.

“Our new premises will not have any separate offices for people. Instead, they offer a range of different spaces for various types of work. In addition to the efficient use of space and adaptability, accessibility by public transport was a key criteria in choosing our new business premises. Ruoholahti is an excellent location in this regard.



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