Most people looking for business premises are first-timers. When you have no prior experience, it is a good idea to rely on professional help. We have prepared a Guide for finding business premises, and selected five important tips from the guide for you.

A good facade will boost your image

The facade of a commercial property is like its face. It is constantly visible, and in many fields, it can provide a boost to your image that can be hard to achieve through any other means. You should think about what kind of environment best suits the image of your enterprise. Would your company be at home amongst valuable historical buildings, or would a renovated, trendy industrial property suit it better?

Short commutes improve productivity

Studies have shown that a short commute is one of the most important factors contributing to happiness. Thus, it is necessary to consider if the work location is the best possible for your current and future employees. A good location improves job satisfaction, which, in turn, increases productivity, leaving employees with more free time for self-development and recreational activities.

Services as part of the lease

Does your company need lobby, office supplies, catering or cleaning services on a regular basis? It is often less costly and more convenient to have the services included in the lease.

Leasing from a professional means a helping hand at your disposal

A professional property owner has most likely arranged all services for the property in advance. This makes it easier to get help and a replacement space if problems, such as water damage, arise. Usually the services include an extranet or a similar app or a channel.

Environmental efficiency to revolutionise the world

Last year, the offices included in the Green Office network in Finland reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 2,440 tonnes. A responsible company also looks after the environment. Request energy-efficient solutions and ensure appropriate waste management in your premises.

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Text: Johanna Hytönen