We have a mission. We want to minimise the proportion of waste generated at Sponda-owned properties that ends up in landfill sites. This will not be easy. Having dozens of people working in a century-old building is always going to be a challenge in terms of waste management. Nevertheless, we will work with the tenant towards this goal. Some might say we are being naive, and perhaps we are. But we believe reaching our goal is entirely feasible. That is why we offer all of our customers the opportunity to sign a Green Lease.

What is the Green Lease?

The Green Lease is a lease model in which the lessor and the tenant agree on joint objectives and a compensation model to encourage the use of environmentally friendly solutions and the reduction of energy consumption. Sponda signed its first Green Lease at the beginning of June with Nordea Bank.

Aiming for genuine co-operation

The Green Lease may not come across as the most exciting concept in the world. However, the best innovations are often the simplest. Practical actions that result in improvement. We at Sponda are genuinely proud and excited to have signed our first Green Lease, with the Nordea Bank branch located at Kaivokatu 12 in Helsinki. The newly signed Green Lease is just another step in a long partnership. While Nordea’s Kaivokatu branch was already an environmental partner of Sponda’s before the Green Lease was signed, the co-operation is now taking on a more long-term perspective. The Green Lease is good news for everyone. Perhaps “The Green Lease is good news for everyone”? I completely agree with your assessment- either of those solutions work, but perhaps best to reflect the source in the event of doubt?

Green Lease or Green Office?

There are many different ways of working to promote the well-being of our shared environment. Even small acts have an impact on the big picture. Green Office is an environmental system offered by WWF and designed for offices with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of the office. Sponda’s partnership with WWF allows its customers to join the Green Office system at a discounted price.

The Green Lease, on the other hand, is a formal agreement on long-term co-operation. It specifies jointly agreed objectives that encourage both parties to implement eco-friendly solutions. In the case of the Green Lease signed with Nordea, the objectives include reducing the building’s energy consumption, water consumption and waste volume. The target waste recovery rate is as high as 90 per cent!

Compensation model

In addition to joint objectives, the Green Lease model includes a compensation structure. The lease we signed with Nordea includes provisions on sharing the savings and excesses in annual heating costs, for example. Costs and investments, and how they are shared, will also be mutually agreed. The Green Lease adds a great deal of transparency and clarity to our co-operation.

Positive action and the right attitude are also rewarded in the form of a stronger corporate image. Environmentally friendly tenants can hang a Green Office sign by the door once they have signed an agreement with WWF. It is a symbol that an increasing number of customers visiting the premises genuinely value.

Interested in doing your bit for a cleaner world? Contact our customer service for more information on the Green Lease model!

Tiina Huovinen
Sustainability Manager of Sponda