On average, Finns spend approximately 60 per cent of their waking hours at work. In order to maintain productivity and creativity, it is important to look after your energy levels and well-being during the workday.

Sponda’s new coworking space boosts your business but also your energy levels and work efficiency. MOW, short for Mothership of Work, is designed for small businesses and freelancers in the creative industries, who can apply for MOW membership.

The development process takes the wishes of the members and target group into consideration. A work environment that serves the demands of creative work and changing working life increases well-being at work. The members participated in the development of the premises and services as well as in the choices of furniture and spatial design.

“One point that was raised during the development process was the need for a place to take a nap. The members want to have a quiet nook where they can retire for a moment during the day to calm down, nap, or just close their eyes for fifteen minutes to gather their ideas,” says Sarita Saloheimo from PlusOne Agency Oy, which has worked with Sponda on the MOW coworking space.

“The visual identity of Piilopaikka, or the Hiding Place, comes from Arabia’s design mug of the same name,” says Emma Ylppö from Fiskars.

Fatigue reduces the quality of work

A quiet place to rest and relax in the middle of a busy day at work will be a much-needed feature for many independent knowledge workers and creative professionals. Breaks help prevent fatigue during the workday. This is important because fatigue has a substantial negative impact on the quality of work. Creativity also suffers if you have trouble keeping your eyes open while trying to get work done.

Launched in co-operation between Arabia and MOW, the nap corner will be built in the kitchen space on MOW’s sixth floor.

“Its appearance will be based on the black-and-white fairytale visuals of Arabia’s Piilopaikka (‘hiding place’) mug. Sponda has given Arabia’s marketing team free rein with regard to the implementation of the nap corner’s design,” Saloheimo says.

Named by the Moomins

Arabia’s Piilopaikka mug was selected as MOW’s coffee mug on MOW Tours held for future members.

“Ornate and retro, the monochrome Piilopaikka pattern is a lively design that tells the story of a young girl on an adventure in a forest. A young illustrator named Piia Keto created the Piilopaikka design and cited her childhood trips to the forest as the inspiration for it. The nap corner’s name—Piilopaikka—also comes from the mug,” says Emma Ylppö, Trade Marketing Planner at Fiskars Oy.

Ylppö says the design process will utilise ideas inspired by the Piilopaikka pattern.

We asked Nina Ruotsalainen, Atmosphere Manager at MOW, whether she thinks that similar spaces for rest and relaxation should be available in other workplaces.

“Most definitely. Even a fifteen minute break in a quiet spot with your eyes closed is enough to really get you going again. Simply retreating to a sofa, even in familiar surroundings, is not enough for most people to reach the required state of unconsciousness. The ideal nap corner is a hiding place where you won’t be found so easily!”

Text: Nina Garlo-Melkas



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