Online stores are tightening their grip on consumers. Retailers must work tirelessly to maintain their competitiveness. They must earn their position in the customer’s mind again and again, day after day.

“We are in competition with shopping centres and online retailers all around the world. The question is how do we make ourselves attractive enough for our customers to want to come to the Misteli shop in Elo Shopping Centre in Ylöjärvi to buy products that they could conveniently purchase through other channels as well,” says Tarja Toivonen, owner of the health product shop Misteli.

Toivonen challenges her online competitors by providing a complete customer experience.“Every visit must be an experience for the customer. Misteli is the customer’s friend in daily life. The slogan dates back some ten years, but the message it carries has remained strong to this day. You do not abandon your friends, even when new ones enter the picture”.

According to Toivonen, the future vitality of shopping centres depends on the companies involved engaging in closer co-operation with each other. They must ensure that shopping centres provide the most comprehensive selection possible. There could also be a library and other municipal services under the same roof, as is the case in many shopping centres in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Elo Shopping Centre receives approximately two million visitors per year. The typical customer is a mother of a family, between 20 and 45 years of age, residing in the Western Pirkanmaa area.

Text: Marita Kokko



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