The new KONE Elevators premises in the Estradi building in Haaga boost the customer-centred operating methods of the company. The facilities are the most eco-efficient in Finland, because part of the operating electricity is produced using solar energy.

KONE Elevators Ltd, a Finnish economic success story, recently moved to new operating facilities. The company produces elevators, escalators and other human transit solutions as well as related maintenance services and made a turnover of nearly EUR 200 million last year.

The premises of KONE Elevators are located in the Estradi property built and owned by Sponda. The property has a LEED® Platinum environmental certificate. LEED® Platinum is the highest certification level in the internationally renowned and prestigious LEED environmental certification system.

Estradi satisfied the certification criteria without question. Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions were chosen in the design and construction of the office building. Moreover, the office building is equipped with solar panels on its roof to produce energy for the property. The roof features roll roofing that reflects the sun.

The Estradi property is located in Haaga, at the crossing of Ring I and Hämeenlinnantie. The property has excellent public transport connections and is near good cycling routes.

The Are Sensus building services system, in which heating and cooling are organised with the Sensus panel based on radiation technique, is in use in the building’s work spaces. In addition to energy efficiency, the system guarantees users of the space a pleasant indoor environmental quality for working by reducing the draught problems experienced in cooled-down buildings.

In addition to solar panels, the property roof features roll roofing that reflects the sun.

'Made with TweetDis plugin for Wordpress' In the certification process, Estradi received a particularly high score for its location , too. Estradi was constructed on Aku Korhosen tie Street in Haaga, Helsinki, at the crossing of Ring I and Finnish national road 3 leading to Hämeenlinna. Estradi has good public transportation connections to the centre of Helsinki as well as Vantaa and Espoo. In addition to good public transportation connections, there are parking lots in front of the building reserved for low-emission cars and bicycles. Many bus lines operate near the building and the Pohjois-Haaga railway station and the airport are also nearby.

Platinum is the highest level of the LEED environmental certification system.

Seeing through the customer’s eyes

KONE Elevators moved to the Estradi building in the summer. The company had the opportunity to influence the final design of the building constructed by Sponda. 'Made with TweetDis plugin for Wordpress' What was most important to KONE Elevators was for the facilities to support customer-centred operating methods and increase staff well-being. 

The facilities of KONE Elevators are located on two floors of the Estradi building. Each floor comprises an open-plan office. No one has a separate office.

In an open-plan office, teams can comfortably work in different compositions depending on the customer in question.

“This was a big change in our culture. We have been delighted with the amount of interaction in the new facilities. However, everyone can still find a quiet spot or a conference room if they need it,” says Managing Director Heikki Haasmaa.

The organisation of the new facilities allows the people in charge of the supply chain to work together. Previously, staff were divided into units, which did not always support project implementation.

“Our seating arrangement now mirrors the way our customers see us,” says Haasmaa.

Visitors to the property can use the virtual reception system independently.

An uncomplicated virtual reception system

The Estradi building offers all the services KONE staff had hoped for without compromising efficiency. The ground floor includes a staff restaurant maintained by Theron Catering. 'Made with TweetDis plugin for Wordpress' There is a virtual reception in the lobby, where visitors can sign in using a terminal device and a touch screen. Their host or hostess will receive automatic information of their registration. The facilities do not include a gym or a sauna, but gym services have been jointly purchased from a wellness centre located in the adjacent Shopping Centre Kaari.

KONE Elevators also has a large spare parts storage space in the basement. Approximately 80% of all spare parts have been packed into maintenance vans while the rest are collected from the storage space. The facilities need good transportation connections. Estradi has an extensive parking area and vehicles can drive around the building to access an exit route.

The ground floor lobby has a lunch restaurant.

A staff working group is in charge of decorating the new facilities.

“I am looking forward to their fun ideas,” says Haasmaa.

This year, Haasmaa was chosen as the winner of the Young Leaders of Technology Industries competition. He contains himself when asked about the reasons for such success.

“KONE is doing well globally, and this, of course, reflects on us,” he says.

“The Finnish market is challenging, but we have invested in customer loyalty and satisfaction.”

According to Haasmaa, staff are a key factor in the success of KONE Elevators, in addition to customer orientation.

“The wellbeing of our staff is a strategic objective for KONE. We want KONE Elevators to be a desirable workplace. Our aim is to have a team comprising top professionals who are happy to come to work. This means we can hold on to our experts,” says Haasmaa.

Text: Johanna Hytönen



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