In the property business, customer relationships are similar to marriages in many ways. They are often long-term, sometimes lasting several decades. Much like a marriage, a good customer relationship is built on listening to your partner and understanding their needs. Customer needs can change during a contract period. This may require flexibility or new solutions to ensure that the relationship remains successful. Likewise, the customer has the right to expect that the property will be maintained as promised and that the premises will be a competitive long-term alternative for the customer. Listening to your partner is key to a happy marriage, and questions related to the maintenance of business premises are also analogous to human relationships in many ways.

The customer experience is created continuously, starting even before the actual customer relationship begins

As part of their decision-making, today’s customers seek support and information from various online sources. This is particularly true in the property sector. It is important for us to ensure that a customer who comes across Sponda on the internet finds accurate information on the various business premises available, and that this information is easy to access and communicated in an interesting manner. The relationship between the customer and lessor may not be formed at all if the company website fails to provide a positive customer experience.

We will continue to develop our online services to support our new and current customers. This is equally important in situations where customers are looking to satisfy their needs concerning business premises and in subsequent service situations during the course of the customer relationship.

Good customer experiences lead to referrals

In the property sector, the core product, namely the business premises themselves, are immensely significant to the customer experience. Even top-quality service cannot compensate for premises that are not suitable for the customer for one reason or another. The quality of the core product is therefore essential and creates the foundation for the start and continuation of the partnership.

Nevertheless, even business premises that are in good condition and suit customer needs are not enough to achieve a unique competitive advantage. Customers rarely face an insurmountable shortage of competing choices when it comes to business premises. For this reason, good customer experiences and referrals play a key role in customers deciding which property partner’s services they should commit themselves to for a period of several years.

Every meeting between the customer and vendor results in positive, negative or neutral customer experiences. This applies equally to sales work, customer service and the use of the purchased product or service. The customer’s own experiences and word-of-mouth referrals together form the impression that determines whether the customer chooses to continue the partnership when the time comes to make that decision.

This also applies to the willingness of customers to recommend the product or service to others. When our operations convey a professional and positive impression to the customer, they will not hesitate to recommend Sponda to others. Customer referrals are particularly significant in the property business, as customers greatly value the experiences of their own partners when making major decisions.

That applies to people considering a married life together as well, although both spouses and business premises can of course also be chosen based on advice from the heart.

Mika Ollikainen
Sponda’s Customer Experience Manager