The business accelerator Newentures is at the leading edge of new industrial business activity. The company found a new home for itself on the top floor of the Citycenter building in Helsinki.

The new office of the business accelerator Newentures has a splendid view over the prestigious buildings of central Helsinki, towards the railway station. A central location was the first priority in the company’s search for new premises. Being within walking distance of the railway station is a necessity for a company that has nearly ten Finnish startups under its wing.

The company, which was established in 2009, is characterised by the fact that there is no clear definition for its industry. Newentures is considered to be the only Finnish business accelerator that uses information technology to adapt innovations in the cleantech and energy sectors into commercial products and also directly involved in the operations of the companies it works with. Newentures participates in the process of starting up business operations, uses its network to obtain financing and other resources if necessary, and helps the companies get started on the path to growth.

“Our goal is to make the companies we work with profitable international high-growth businesses,” explains Niklas Törnkvist, Partner at Newentures.

Driven by instinct

The company was born when its founders, Niklas Törnkvist and Timo Teimonen, working as consultants at the time, decided to combine their business activities and competencies. A couple of years ago, they were joined by a third partner, Jan Österman. Newentures engages in a certain degree of cooperation with higher education institutes, but the majority of its projects were launched based on the partners’ strong instincts.

“We have extensive experience of business and investment. That is the foundation of our operations. I personally have over 15 years of experience. We trust our instincts,” Törnkvist says.

Modernism in Makkaratalo

Newentures’ new office is on the top floor of Makkaratalo, the “Sausage Building”, which is part of the Citycenter complex. The imposing granite building designed by Viljo Revell and Heikki Castrén was completed in 1967 on Kaivokatu, across from the railway station.

The 300 m2 Newentures office has a modern atmosphere. Nordic and U.S. East Coast styles come together in the interior decoration of the office. White wall and floor elements and a light-coloured fitted carpet contribute to openness and a sense of space.

Divans decorated with parasols provide places for idea generation and discussion. A corner furnished with leather sofas and a large glass table is ideal for meetings.

“It is important for us to have a space that creates the right impression. We want to be seen as a modern company that is at the leading edge of its field,” Törnkvist explains.

The recently renovated Citycenter complex also had other premises available, but a vacancy on the top floor meant the matter was settled.

“When we saw this unit, the search was over. This is a great space for us,” Törnkvist adds.

The attraction of an open floor plan

Newentures moved to Citycenter as a new Sponda customer. Having an expert partner has been very helpful, particularly in the relocation process.

An important condition for the move was that the new space was largely unbuilt, which allowed Newentures to adapt it to its preferences. A few partition walls were built to meet the company’s needs, but much of the space has an open floor plan and a loft-like look.

The space must be suitable for both Board meetings and free-flow idea generation. Törnkvist says unscheduled meetings in the hallways are often at least as valuable as more structured and scheduled meetings. Informal gatherings and chats often result in the best ideas.

Text: Johanna Hytönen



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