The customer area of the private bank Evli conveys a message of warmth and financial solidity. However, a modern bank requires a great deal of new technology. Much of that technology is located next to the customer facilities, in Evli Tower.

When you step inside Evli Bank Plc’s head office on Aleksanterinkatu in Helsinki, the first thing you notice is the dignified atmosphere of the historic building. There is wood panelling, valuable pieces of art, skillfully ornamented ceilings and classic furniture. The bank’s space in the valuable old building exudes a sense of financial solidity and history.

Naturally, this is precisely the impression that Evli, a Finnish bank specialising in investment and wealth management, wants to convey to its customers.

There are approximately 200 employees at Evli’s two offices in Helsinki’s central business district.

“The interior design is intended to create the atmosphere of a banking firm of old, combined with a modern Scandinavian touch. It makes for a good combination,” says Marko Koukkunen, Administrative Chief at Evli Bank.

Evli’s other office, the “financial factory” of Evli Tower, is located in the same city block. You can get there from the customer facilities on Aleksanterinkatu by taking a few passageways, some flights of stairs, and a covered pedestrian bridge.

Evli’s open-plan office is the work environment for brokers, analysts, portfolio managers and IT personnel; people whose jobs involve interacting with colleagues. The HR and legal departments have separate rooms due to the confidential nature of their work.

As you move from the old to the new, the character of the space gradually changes. Parquet flooring first changes to vinyl tile, and then to a sound-absorbing carpet. Wood panelling is replaced by stainless steel, and classic furniture by contemporary office chairs and desks.

“Old furniture is charming but usually not very ergonomic. If you need to sit for eight hours a day, ergonomics becomes a higher priority than style. We make no compromises there,” Marko Koukkunen emphasises.

The building, which was completed about three years ago, is tailored to Evli’s needs. A modern bank requires a lot of new technology.

“Things like ventilation, cooling and information technology work better when you construct a new building instead of renovating an old one,”  Marko Koukkunen says.

The location of Evli’s offices was chosen primarily with customers in mind, but it also benefits personnel.

According to Koukkunen, the end user must also have certain expertise and hands-on experience in building services.

“Business premises must be designed in such a way that suitable locations have been planned for various functions. Later, as the organisation grows and changes, you can move people around.”