Sponda’s traditional property agent of the year award goes to Bureau Real Estate Finland Oy. The award winner thinks efficiency has become an important sales point in property leasing.

Sponda grated its property agent of the year award for the eighth time this year. This year’s awarding criteria were active co-operation and economic performance, and the winner, Bureau Real Estate Finland Oy, is one of Sponda’s framework property agents. The two companies have co-operated closely for years.

What are the keys to success according to this year’s winner?

“Hard work and an active approach. I would say that we have had good chemistry with the client. It has been a pleasure to work with this team,” says Mikko Kivimäki, Managing Director and Partner of Bureau Real Estate Finland.

The award ceremony was arranged at Sweco's premises in Ilmalanrinne.

In practice, the active approach means that the company’s workforce of nine must continuously develop their expertise and present different properties to customers. “Property leasing has become a labour-intensive business. The market is not easy, but fortunately we can succeed in it by having the right, active attitude,” Kivimäki comments.

The winner also understands the importance of marketing. The company has a database of thousands of properties, and it prides itself on keeping it up-to-date. “One needs to be quick and responsive to succeed in this industry, and having easy access to up-to-date property information gives us a competitive edge,” says Heikki Jussila, Consultant.

Important business partners

Although the number of vacant properties has grown in the leasing market, Sponda has managed to tackle the market challenges and keep its occupancy rate at the previous year’s level. Sponda’s keys to success include close co-operation with property agents who serve as an important channel for reaching potential tenants.

“The agents are one of our most important partners in this business. We want to keep them updated on our property selection. They do not need to contact us to find the right property. Instead, we actively send them information on our properties in electronic format,” says Ossi Hynynen, Senior Vice President, Investment Properties at Sponda.

The award ceremony was held at the new commercial property in Ilmalanrinne, which has been occupied by Sweco and its roughly one thousand employees since the beginning of the year. During the event, the property agents were also shown around the new property. Sponda is planning to build another similar property in Ilmalanrinne as soon as it finds long-term tenants for it.

Efficiency and location as sales points

What do today’s customers expect from their office spaces? According to the property agent of the year, the customers want their offices to be efficient.

“Customers are not interested in paying extra for unused space in a grand office. In a way, they are looking for flexible spaces that can accommodate a diverse range of operations,” Markku Lehto, Consultant says.

Hynynen at Sponda also names efficiency, flexibility and location and services as typical elements that appeal to tenants. “This is why we have focused our operations in the city centre, in Ruoholahti and near stations to ensure superb public transport connections. Public transport has become immensely important,” Hynynen says.

PICTURED: The property agent of 2015 is Bureau Real Estate Finland, represented at the event by Mikko Kivimäki, Markku Lehto, Tomi Sirama, Riikka Rempsu, Tiia Perä and Heikki Jussila.

Text: Outi Airaksinen