Shopping centre Ratina will be completed in spring 2018, and it will be the largest commercial centre in Tampere The new venue already bears signs of local lives, and the foundation stone will permanently display personal messages by some of the residents.

Sponda, the developer of the shopping centre, wants to create an urban culture that has a stronger sense of community. 'Made with TweetDis plugin for Wordpress' Ratina offers both individuals and communities a chance to develop their city, Tampere.

Senior Vice Presidents of Sponda, Ossi Hynynen and Veli-Pekka Tanhuanpää, and Executive Vice President of Sponda Kari Inkinen join Mayor of Tampere, Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.

“We want to be involved in supporting communal activities and create a shopping centre that feels dear to local residents,” says Visa Vainiola, Shopping Centre Manager at Sponda Plc.

The first steps of the co-operation will be taken already during the construction stage. The residents are asked to submit messages that will be cast in the foundation stone of the shopping centre. The foundation stone of the Valo-Ratina building already contains a set of personal messages that will be stored forever. The writers of these messages also participated in the laying of the foundation stone.

Over 140 shops will be opened at Ratina shopping centre. The shopping centre meets the growing demand for more services in central Tampere and the entire Pirkanmaa region, Visa Vainiola, Shopping Centre Manager at Sponda says.

Meets local demand

Mr Vainiola believes that Ratina shopping centre will answer the growing need for commercial services in the Pirkanmaa region. At the moment, more than one billion euros of the annual retail purchasing power of Pirkanmaa are spent elsewhere.

“'Made with TweetDis plugin for Wordpress' Ratina shopping centre meets the growing demand for more services in central Tampere and the entire Pirkanmaa region ,” Mr Vainiola says.

The current retail purchasing power of Pirkanmaa is approximately EUR 3.7 billion. The retail purchasing power of Tampere alone is expected to increase by more than EUR 500 million over the next ten years.

Tapio Utunen, Jerry Hiltunen, Markus Joutsimäki, Pasi Aho, Tiina Järvilä and Ida Nurminen left their message in the foundation stone.

Some of the messages cast in the Valo-Ratina foundation stone

Tappara. Our spring. In the graced year of 2016, it will be our turn! #tappara #meidänkevät #suomenmestaruus #torillatavataan #meidänkoti #hakametsä
“I wrote the message before I knew that Tappara would win the Finnish league championship. After suffering several defeats, it sure felt nice to win. My son and daughter are also keen on ice hockey. I hope that the new shopping centre will become an airy and easy-to-access meeting place that offers not only shopping but also other forms of entertainment for children, such as adventure tracks.”, says Jerry Hiltunen, Teacher of Automotives at Tampere Vocational College Tredu.

Mum and dad. You gave me a home in Tampere, and I will always cherish it in my heart. I love you.
“I saw the advertisement on Facebook and wanted to use this as an opportunity to thank my parents and tell them that my heart will always belong to Tampere. I hope that the new shopping centre will have a lot of new and interesting shops and a hangout place for young people where they can pop in to play floorball or table tennis, do art projects, etc.” says Ida Nurminen, Student.

Samu. Daddy says ‘Hi’. Pasi
“I have a two-year-old son, Samu. I thought this would be the greatest way to leave my mark on the new shopping centre where I could imagine spending the whole day with my child. In my opinion, Ratina should offer services for men alongside the ladies’ fashion shops, such as services related to electronics and leisure activities. And a climbing wall or other amusement for children,” says Pasi Aho, Warehouse Worker.

Little My and Little J. May the stars shine bright on you! Love, mum and dad.
“I saw the announcement in Aamulehti and wrote this spontaneous message. I love seeing Tampere grow and evolve. I hope the new shopping centre will offer many different things: shops, services, events. Something for everyone,” says Tiina Järvilä, Chemist.

To my son Aleksi: “Life is full of wonders for someone who is prepared to accept them.”
“I want to dedicate this Moomins quote to my son. Having an open mind and a positive attitude can take you far. I hope the new shopping centre will sell brands that are currently not available in Tampere and have different restaurants and cafés. I hope it will become a meeting place that is easy to reach even if you don’t live in the city,” says Anna Prusi, Head of Department who is currently on maternity leave.

For the residents of Tampere. Tampere is your home, be proud of it, forever!
“Tampere will always be a part of our identity and hold a special place in our hearts. With this message, I wanted to remind people of the importance of our roots. It is great to have a new shopping centre at such a central location. A shopping centre that is local and global at the same time. For me, the ideal shopping centre would be an easy-to-navigate meeting place where the products and services are easy and quick to find. I am looking forward to seeing some innovative and exciting husband chair solutions,” says Markus Joutsinmäki, Plumber and a fifth-generation local.

Dear Tanja. Your hometown is changing rapidly. I wanted to remind you that some things do not change. History is permanent, and you are part of it. Always. Mother.
“I wanted to dedicate my message to my daughter who works in the international music business in Los Angeles. Although life can sometimes take us far away, we will always be from Tampere in our hearts. I hope that the new Ratina shopping centre will combine a sense of place with international, dynamic diversity in a novel way,” says Soile Mehtälä.



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