Sanoma wanted to create a workspace for its employees that is inspirational and fosters creativity and communality. With this, the media company seeks an additional boost to tackle the challenges of competition. The company found the ideal premises in Ruoholahti and they were completely refurbished to meet Sanoma’s needs.

The new business premises of Sanoma Corporation, a leading company in the field of media and learning solutions, represent an investment in an inspirational and flexible working environment. The new premises strengthen this media giant’s position at a time of intense competition, increasing confidence in the future of the industry.

The first impressions are enchanting. The white, shining lobby area of the premises situated at Porkkalankatu, Ruoholahti, is like a modern newsroom or a hybrid combining a design store and an art museum.

The inviting lobby area can also be used as a workspace.

Colour world changes with the press of a button

Giant displays on the walls of the lobby area are alive with content produced by this media company, news feeds, social media feeds and information on the company’s services. The colours of the lobby area can be adjusted with a remote controller.

Located next to the Ruoholahti shopping centre, the premises were completely renovated for Sanoma. In addition to the conference centre on the 2nd floor of Building A, Sanoma has access to four floors in Building B and one floor in Building C, a total of 10,000 square metres.

Communality boosts creativity

The multispace environment has bookable and freely available meeting rooms and quiet workspaces, flexible and adaptable spaces for use by teams and projects and a photo studio with a separate entrance. Next to it is a fully equipped kitchen that can be used for shooting cooking shows for the online audience.

The new premises were designed by Gullstén-Inkinen Design & Architecture, which is the largest design company in the Nordic countries specialising in interior design and real estate renovation.

“We want to provide our employees with a workspace that is inspirational and fosters creativity and communality, and also supports a wide range of different working methods,” says Communications Manager Tuomas Littunen.

The negotiation rooms in the conference centre were given the names of the emotions that the contents produced by Sanoma arouse: joy, passion, surprise, inspiration. The varying colours enhance imagination and creativity.

The units that will be relocated to the new premises in Ruoholahti are Sanoma Lifestyle, Kids Media, Sanoma Pro, Sanoma Tekniikkajulkaisut, Head Office Finland and Sanoma Technology. The magazine editors have dedicated workstations of their own. Media brands such as Me Naiset, Gloria and Cosmopolitan are now working closer to each other than before, on the same floors.

Having the theme-based editorial teams shared by these brands close by means that it is now easier and more flexible to engage in joint development of new commercial concepts and other forms of co-operation.

In open facilities, people meet more easily and can create ideas, says Communications Manager Tuomas Littunen.

“The media industry is changing rapidly, which calls for a high degree of agility and the courage to try new solutions. Our new premises make it easier to bring our competencies together, form new teams and develop new projects together. I am certain that this will also give our employees greater motivation to try new things,” Littunen adds.

Porkkalankatu is part of Sanoma’s campus in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Its other parts are Sanomatalo in Töölönlahti and Sanomala in Vantaa. Ruoholahti is an ideal urban, dynamic environment that is conveniently accessible to employees and customers. The premises in Ruoholahti will replace the three earlier Sanoma premises.

“This allows us to strengthen our presence in the cityscape to which people are moving. This will promote our corporate image. Our vision of a campus in the city centre is complemented now that we have premises on both ends of the Baana pedestrian and bicycle corridor,” Littunen says.

“We were more in silos in our earlier premises. Our new premises make it easier to bring our competencies together,” Littunen adds.

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