CEO Helsinki improves the competitiveness of its clients with tailored customer experience. The company wants its new business premises to be customised, as well.

CEO Helsinki has chosen Sponda’s new MOW coworking space as its new office. The marketing strategy Company will be one of the first members to move in at the beginning of next year.

One of the people behind CEO Helsinki—which started its operations in November—is Ville Toriseva, the founder of media agency Toinen. Other partners are Christoffer Hultin, who moved to Finland from Denmark about 15 years ago originally because of Nokia, and Kari Tervonen, leader of N2 Group and experienced number cruncher. In addition to these three individuals, the CEO Helsinki team includes Reaktor Oy, a creative technology house.

“We chose Reaktor as our partner because we respect their uncompromising approach to quality and their exceptional organisational culture,” says Ville Toriseva, Chairman of the CEO Helsinki Board.

Coworking space creates opportunities to co-operate

Toriseva, Hultin and Tervonen are looking forward to the move to Sponda’s MOW. In particular, they are eager to find out what kinds of co-operation opportunities the new coworking concept can bring.

Moving to Sponda's cowork space will bring more opportunities for networking, Ville Toriseva says. His company CEO Helsinki will move a few blocks from Korkeavuorenkatu to MOW at Pieni Roobertinkatu.

“ The two most important things we look for in the new office are flexibility and networking. MOW is a unique concept in Finland. The coworking space will house a number of freelancers and companies working in the same field, which will allow us to create networks and serve Finnish businesses as partners,” Toriseva says.

Flexibility and freedom of choice

The first coworking space in Finland that targets its services to small enterprises and independent professionals will open on Pieni Roobertinkatu in Helsinki in early 2016. Coworking spaces are a huge global trend, providing independent professionals and small businesses with the benefits of communality and networking. They also make the cost structure of companies more flexible, as they can adjust the services and spaces to fit their needs.

MOW members can choose among different membership types, each coming with a slightly different set of services. A company or a freelancer can flexibly increase or decrease their space depending on their projects.

A good atmosphere has not been forgotten, either. There is a restaurant, a sauna, common kitchens, a lounge and a library on the premises for all users. The MOW Host will be responsible for planning events and keeping up a good coworking spirit.

Customer experience determines success

CEO Helsinki’s mission is to improve the customer experience of Finnish companies, which they feel to be “less than optimal”, by offering customised and creative marketing solutions to companies. In Toriseva’s view, companies with marketing issues are prone to a lack of knowledge and understanding.

Improving customer experience would bring huge competitive edge to many companies, Kari Tervonen ja Ville Toriseva explain.

For many companies, the customer experience and its improvement are, or at least they should be, the most important focus area and differentiating feature in the quest for competitive advantage.

“In Finland, marketing and marketing mindset are often understood in very shallow terms, as mere polishing of the surface or a menial advertisement task, instead of a strategic support function. However, satisfaction with the customer experience benefits the owners and stakeholders alike,” Toriseva says.

He is eager to see how the services offered by the MOW community will meet the future needs of CEO Helsinki, as the company will grow and employ new people. Although CEO Helsinki is a young company, it has high growth targets for the future.

“Our sales margin target for 2016 is EUR 1.5 million, and we expect to employ around ten people by the end of the year,” says Toriseva.