Responsibility has always been an integral part of Sponda’s day-to-day operations and way of thinking. A few years ago, we wanted to find a way to highlight this theme in an interesting and original manner. After discussions with personnel, we finally arrived at the term Spondability. We felt that it creates positive mental associations related to responsibility and our strategic objectives, so we decided to begin using it.

Responsibility is not a fad, or separate from business operations

In the business world, there are often various fads and “isms” that are adopted by companies and used as a lens for examining everything they do. For example, quality management systems received a great deal of attention a few years ago. This resulted in the process, which is very useful in itself, being blown somewhat out of proportion in many organisations. Today, there are some similar signs when it comes to corporate responsibility.

All too often, responsibility is perceived as projects that are entirely separate from the business operations themselves. There is also the strange notion that a business should not profit from responsible operations, that responsibility should involve completely altruistic actions to make the world a better place. This is clearly not the case. For example, improving the energy efficiency of Sponda’s properties makes sense for us both from a business viewpoint and from the perspective of mitigating climate change. I firmly believe that business and responsibility are inseparable and not conflicting ends.

Goal-oriented co-operation with customers

If Spondability is not a fad, then what exactly is it? It is a long-term effort to achieve our responsibility goals. As properties are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, the role of environmental responsibility is highlighted in our operations. We depend on the co-operation of the customers that operate in our properties to achieve our goals, and we offer them a range of services and information to promote successful environmental partnerships.

Encouraging results in a short period of time

Spondability has proved to be a successful concept in many ways. It has allowed us to group our environmental focus areas literally under one concept, and resulted in a lot of positive attention for our development projects. Most importantly of all, in just a short period of time we have achieved good results in improving energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint and in our other targets. I am confident in saying that we are among the leading companies when it comes to responsible business operations in the property industry, and we are determined to continue in the same systematic and goal-oriented manner.

Kari Inkinen
CEO of Sponda