How to organise relocation? What to do yourself? Read top tips from our expert.

How to organise relocation? What to do yourself? Read top tips from our expert.

1. The key is in the planning

Be sure to start planning early. Minimise the negative business effects of the move with careful advance planning. For example, move during the weekend. To guarantee a smooth relocation process, keep your employees informed about the schedule and the related tasks. Make arrangements for reinstalling your ICT and AV equipment and servers well in advance, in order to ensure their immediate availability in the new Place.

2. Ask for tenders

It is a good idea to ask for tenders on the relocation service from several service providers. If your relocation involves other work in addition to moving your goods, professional moving companies are usually the best choice, as they can offer all the services you need with one agreement. This requires less coordinating on your part.

3. Moving companies also offer project management

We recommend focusing your own efforts on packing and marking the movables and leaving the rest to the moving company. If your relocation process is large and complex, you can also order the project management service from the moving company. This saves you time and a lot of trouble.

4. Think about the schedule

Your schedule should be based on the extent of your relocation: does it involve moving furniture or only the ICT devices, personal papers and documents? If you company has archives, take this into account when planning the schedule. Moving companies are usually less busy mid-month, which means they have more resources available.

Expert: Tom Salomonson, Sales Manager at Niemi