Sweco Finland found Ilmalanrinne attractive and has moved the company facilities there to a new Sponda building from eight former locations. The constructed environment and industry expert company also served as Sponda’s partner in the project.

Sweco Finland moved to new facilities in Ilmala in early 2016. Sweco and Sponda have been partners for many years, and Sweco’s country manager Markku Varis feels their partnership offered a great foundation for a joint project.

A leader in its industry, Sweco provided construction, energy and environmental consulting services as well as construction design services for the project. Known as a responsible construction expert, Sweco completed careful groundwork prior to the decision to move.

“We covered numerous alternatives, including existing properties and new construction. After weighing up criteria related to functionality, location, costs and environmental efficiency, we opted for Sponda’s solution with a long-term lease,” says Varis.

Building a new property was the most cost-effective solution for Sweco.

Sweco has the use of recently completed buildings owned by Sponda at Ilmalanrinne. Sweco’s one thousand employees moved to the new premises from eight different properties.

“After making investigations, we concluded that this solution was the most effective, most macroeconomic and best suited in terms of business operations, complete with optimal location,” says Varis.

New location customer customer benefits included

Sponda still has the right to construct one more building in Ilmalanrinne. Break room decoration varies according to the department.

The new facilities have been well received. Both customers and personnel have been particularly pleased with the new location in Ilmala. The area has great connections to exit routes, the airport and Helsinki city centre.

“We considered the added value the premises could deliver to our customers and personnel from the very beginning. We concluded that the facilities need to be comfortable, functional and well located,” says Varis.

Country Manager Markku Varis is pleased with the functional internal logistics of the premises.

During working hours, the personnel can use the electric cars and conference bikes specifically acquired for meetings. The Sweco premises have equal parking space for bicycles and cars.

“I heard that some of our personnel have even skied to work using the routes that traverse Central Park,” says Varis. The facilities in themselves are

environmentally efficient. The property is a low-energy site and has an application pending for an international LEED environmental certificate, level Gold.

“For example, we have no unnecessary space, such as unnecessarily large warehouses,” says Varis.

The property is a low-energy site and has an application pending for an international LEED environmental certificate, level Gold.

In the design process, the company utilised a self-developed, 3D-based CAVE tool, which allowed moving around in the new facilities virtually during the design process to measure dimensions and study the atmosphere.

Growth margin for the future

Sweco’s turnover increased by 6% last year. The company is also expecting growth this year, and therefore wanted to prepare for the future in terms of facilities, Sweco has reserved sufficient facilities for both negotiations and silent work too.

The new premises were designed to be as flexible as possible from the very beginning.

“We aimed to reserve sufficient space for quiet work, informal meetings and negotiations,” says Varis.

Decoration varies according to the specific atmosphere of each unit.

“We are pleased that the internal logistics of the facilities works and supports co-operation, because our business operations are a team sport,” says Varis.



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