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The Partola commercial centre area on the border of Tampere and Pirkkala has quickly grown into a new retail hub in the Pirkanmaa region. 

The Partola retail centre currently includes nearly 80 stores and businesses. The growth will continue.
The premises to be built will be constructed in a manner that enables renting retail spaces of 400–5,000 m² in the property. Each retail space will have an individual entrance from the yard, which will also include the property's parking lot. This will provide good visibility for each retail space and an easy access for customers.

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5500m²Total area
Parking spaces

Available spaces in this property

Kenkätie 16, Tampere, Pirkkala
1. krs
3000 m²
Kenkätie 16, Tampere, Pirkkala
1. krs
4000 m²
Kenkätie 16, Tampere, Pirkkala
Kenkätie 16, Tampere, Pirkkala

Retail 5500m² / 1. floor

Kenkätie 16, Tampere, Pirkkala
1. krs
5500 m²

Property details

Kenkätie 16, 33980 Tampere (Pirkkala)
Parking in private car park
The retail property has a good location in terms of traffic arrangements and visibility, since the roundabout built in the area is located between the aforementioned buildings.
The new retail property will be located in an excellent spot right next to the Bauhaus hardware store, Kauppakeskus Veska Retail Park and Citymarket. There are numerous retail businesses in the area. Supermarket-level retailers in the area are Citymarket and S-Market. The Kauppakeskus Veska Retail Park with numerous stores and service providers and the Tavaratalo Hong Kong store are also located in the area. One of the more recent retailers in the area is Bauhaus.

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Ari-Pekka Lehtonen
Regional Manager

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