Taking the industry forward

Sharing Sponda’s own expertise and professional competencies is a significant aspect of our work. Our goal is to be the forerunner and the most responsible player in the real estate sector, particularly in environmental matters, such as the mitigation of climate change. Taking the industry forward is one of our responsibility priorities, with the following components:

  • Active participation in development work in real estate and construction industry organisations
  • Sharing expertise and professional competence
  • Sponda’s own research and development work

The industry faces many common challenges, such as those related to zoning and energy efficiency, which the companies and industry organisations can best overcome through co-operation. By engaging in wide-ranging co-operation with our stakeholders, we aim to reduce the environmental load and promote corporate responsibility as well as consistency and transparency in financial reporting in the property sector.

We participate in the development of cities in co-operation with cities, other property owners and various partners. We promote the sharing of knowledge and taking the industry forward by having our employees for example giving lectures at industry events and educational institutes. Sponda also engages in its own research and development efforts, which have a particular focus on the energy efficiency of properties, the effectiveness of customer service, and creating the business premises of the future.

Sponda is actively involved with the following organisations:

  • Green Building Council Finland (FIGBC), founding member
  • RAKLI (the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients), member
  • Finnish Business and Society ry (FiBS ry), member
  • Finnish Council of Shopping Centres, member
  • Helsinki City Markkinointi (Helsinki City Marketing) ry, member
  • Design District Helsinki, supporting member
  • Climate Partners network of businesses and the City of Helsinki, member

At the Executive Board level, the priorities Transparent and ethical operations and Taking the industry forward are the responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer and the Senior Vice President, Property Development. Operational management responsibility is allocated between the Sustainability Manager, Purchasing and Quality Manager and the Chief Legal Counsel, depending on the area of operations in question.