Environmental certification

At Sponda, the design work related to new construction and renovation of existing buildings is subject to our design guidelines. Environmentally requirements play a key role in these internal quidelines and they are in many ways more extensive than the generally applied standards and regulations. We apply the design guidelines for very energy efficient office premises to develop adaptable and energy efficient properties providing our customers with highly functional working environments.

We pay particular attention to the environmental requirements of buildings in our property development operations. We apply for international environmental classification - LEED® or BREEAM® environmental certificates – for all new buildings and significant renovation projects.

Sponda’s LEED®-certified properties

Koy Vantaan Väritehtaankatu 8 Väritehtaankatu, Vantaa 2018, Gold
Koy Alasintie 8 Alasintie, Oulu 2016, Gold
Koy Helsingin Ilmalanrinne 1 Ilmalanportti, Helsinki 2016, Gold
Koy Sörnäistenkatu 2   Sörnäistenkatu, Helsinki 2016, Gold
Estradi   Aku Korhosentie, Helsinki 2015, Platinum
Koy Tampereen Tulli Business Park Åkerlundinkatu, Tampere 2014, Gold
Koy Ruoholahden Ankkuri Itämerenkatu, Helsinki     2013, Gold
Citycenter officetorn Kaivokatu, Helsinki 2011, Gold

Sponda’s BREEAM®-certified properties

Koy Mannerheimintie 4 Mannerheimintie 4, Helsinki 2018, Very Good
Koy Bulevardi 1 Bulevardi 1, Helsinki 2018, Very Good
Shopping centre Forum Mannerheimintie, Helsinki 2018, Very Good
Ruoholahden Tähti   Porkkalankatu, Helsinki 2018, Excellent
Shopping centre Zeppelin Zeppelinintie 1, Kempele 2017, Very Good
Shopping centre Citycenter Kaivokatu 8, Helsinki 2017, Very Good
Mothership of Work Pieni Roobertinkatu, Helsinki 2016, Good
Koy Arkadiankatu 4-6 Arkadiankatu, Helsinki   2016, Very Good
Koy Ruoholahden Sulka Porkkalankatu, Helsinki    2016, Very Good
Ducat II Gasheka Street, Moscow 2015, Good
Koy Unioninkatu 20-22    Unioninkatu, Helsinki   2012, Good

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