Environmental programmes

In partnership with our customers, we develop a wide range of solutions customised based on client wishes and objectives in order to increase the energy and environmental efficiency of properties. Our Energy efficiency and Environmental partnership programmes help customers identify the best solutions and ways of working to reach objectives.

Almost 90  per cent of Sponda’s properties are part of the Energy efficiency programme aimed at achieving energy savings and reducing the carbon footprint of properties in co-operation with their users.

Annual energy reviews are conducted at the properties that are included in the programme. Based on these reviews, adjustments are made at the properties in accordance with their use, as well as energy efficiency investments that are profitable from a technical-economic standpoint.

The Energy efficiency programme comprises the following steps:

  1. An energy review to determine the property’s energy consumption and examine the different technical systems relating to energy consumption.
  2. Together with customers, setting property-specific energy efficiency targets and measures for achieving them based on the results of the energy review.
  3. Monitoring the impact of the measures and how well targets are met in regular meetings with customers.

Environmental partnership programme reduces environmental load

Our Environmental partnership programme is aimed at reducing the environmental load resulting from the use of properties by engaging in close co-operation with customers. In addition to energy consumption, the programme takes into account the broader environmental impact of properties and customers’ operations, such as material efficiency, water consumption and factors related to the comfort of the indoor environment. Communicating the environmental efficiency of the property to those who work there is also part of the environmental partnership. The objectives and forms of the partnership are agreed separately with each customer.