Property locations

Our properties are located in key areas in major cities and in locations easily accessible by public transportation. This helps reduce the environmental impacts of the properties during their use. Property locations is one of our responsibility priorities, with the following components:

  • Taking environmental aspects into account in making decisions on property investments
  • Focusing on properties located in cities, accessible by public transportation
  • Concentrating on prime areas
  • Investments in property assets

Accessibility is a major factor in property investment

The central location of our properties is a key strategic choice for us: our properties are in central and growing areas in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Tampere, in locations with good public transport links.

Sponda’s investment strategy is sustainable both financially and environmentally. Good accessibility is an increasingly important factor in the decisions companies make regarding business premises. It is perceived as a way of supporting the mobility of customers and employees, as well as an opportunity to reduce emissions caused by commuting. The demand and rental levels for properties located in the central areas of cities are more stable, even in economically uncertain times.

Location is one of the criteria applied in the environmental certification of business properties. The BREEAM® and LEED® certification processes take into account not only the energy and water consumption of the building, but also factors such as public trasport links, low emission car and bicycle parking facilities and green areas.

The management of the Property locations responsibility priority is assigned to the President and CEO in co-operation with the Executive Board.