Enhancing the customer experience

At Sponda, the customer experience is based on comfortable business premises that meet customer needs, as well as competent and professional customer service. Instead of unilateral lessor–tenant relationships, we aim to develop interactive long-term partnerships with our customers. Sponda has defined the customer experience as one of the company’s strategic processes.

We have a strong focus on enhancing the customer experience and it is one of our responsibility priorities, with the following components:

  • Working environments and property services that support the customer’s operations
  • Comfort of the indoor environment
  • Customer safety and health
  • Supporting the customer’s responsibility goals

Our high-quality and diverse business premises offering and professional personnel who understand customer needs play a key role in satisfying customer requirements. They allow us to provide to our customers from different sectors work environments that support their business. We also monitor the development of our customer satisfaction in various ways. We utilise customer feedback in the development of our customer relationships and our co-operation with partners.

At Sponda, enhancing the customer experience is the responsibility of the Customer Experience Manager. He reports to the Senior Vice President, Corporate Planning and Coworking, who is responsible for the customer experience at the Executive Board level. The customer experience steering group, which meets approximately six times per year, consists of the Customer Experience Manager and three members of the Executive Board.

Our customer path leads to business premises tailored to individual needs

Our aim is to be easy to find and reach through various channels, and we are also continuously developing new forms of customer service.

As the leasing of business premises is often a long-term decision, our analysis of the customer’s needs takes into account the organisation’s future prospects. Our adaptable premises can also be adapted over time in response to changes in the customer’s operations.

We maintain regular contact with our customers and analyse customer satisfaction annually. Our aim is to allow the customer to focus on their own business while we handle all property-related services in co-operation with our property management partners.

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