Managing responsibility

The same principles and practices Sponda applies to the management of its business operations also apply to the management of responsibility. This integrated approach links responsibility to existing management practices.

In addition to the company’s strategy, Sponda’s responsibility management practices are based on company Code of Conduct and the UN Global Compact principles. These are supplemented by Sponda’s internal policies, operational guidelines and commitments.

The management of Sponda’s six responsibility priorities is decentralised and the related responsibilities are assigned to the appropriate roles at the Executive Board level as well as the operational level. A more detailed description of the management and the responsibilities related to the responsibility priorities is provided in conjunction with each priority’s description. Sponda’s responsibility and its development are led by the company Sustainability Manager. Sponda’s President and CEO is in charge of the overall management of responsibility and the achievement of targets. Sponda’s Executive Board discusses responsibility-related issues and progress towards goals on a regular basis. Where necessary, responsibility matters are also discussed by the Board of Directors.