Sponda has several stakeholder groups, and we engage in active co-operation with them. We strive to meet the expectations of our various stakeholders in accordance with our values and procedures. The principles governing our stakeholder relations are reliability and honesty: we operate transparently, complying with laws and regulations.

Personnel – Committed, skilled, satisfied and motivated personnel are a key resource for us. We aim to provide everyone at Sponda with good career and training opportunities as well as an atmosphere of open dialogue. The occupational wellbeing, job satisfaction and equal treatment of our personnel are of the utmost importance to us.

Customers – Our customers operate in the Helsinki metropolitan area as well as the Tampere and Oulu regions. They represent various industries including retail, the public sector and the banking and investment sector. We strive to create the conditions for long-term customer relationships and provide our customers with functional, adaptable and energy-efficient premises that match their needs. We continuously develop our customer service methods as well as our office concepts and services. We also guide our customers towards operations that conserve energy and the environment.

Subcontractors – In our purchasing and quality processes, our key requirements are functionality, transparency, responsibility and taking environmental issues into consideration. We monitor and steer our subcontractors’ work and quality. Our contracts aim at reliable long-term partnerships.

Media – The cornerstones of our media relations are activity, openness and timeliness. Media relations are maintained through active communications and contact with journalists. We continuously develop our communication methods and practices.

Society and the authorities – Through responsibility in corporate and environmental matters, we strive to be a socially responsible company, both as an employer and as an urban developer. We work continuously to promote the energy efficiency of business premises. We actively monitor developments in regulations and co-operate with the authorities to express our views.

Organisations – We are actively involved in various organisations, such as RAKLI (The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients), FIBS (Finnish Business and Society ry) and the Finnish Green Building Council. We promote the development of our industry through co-operation with various organisations.

Other stakeholders – Our other important stakeholders include educational institutions and various research and development organisations.  We provide study opportunities to students in the field of real estate and also engage in joint projects with educational institutions in the same field.

Stakeholder group Expectations towards Sponda Sponda's actions
  • Permanent employment and stable income
  • Safe working conditions
  • Being informed of matters concerning the company
  • Opportunities for personal development at work
  • Equal and non-discriminatory treatment
  • Open communication
  • Good reputation
  • Offering good work opportunities
  • Good opportunities for training
  • Effective internal communications and an atmosphere of open dialogue
  • Ensuring occupational health and safety
  • Performance and appraisal discussions and job satisfaction surveys
  • Equal and non-discriminatory treatment of employees
  • High-quality energy-efficient business premises
  • Responding to changing spatial needs and working methods
  • Facility services
  • Good customer service
  • Taking environmental responsibility into consideration
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Offering practical, adaptable and energy-efficient business premises
  • Developing office concepts and services
  • Developing better retail locations
  • Developing customer service channels and services
  • Regular contact with customers
  • Creating the conditions for long-term partnerships
  • Developing  sales processes and customer care processes
  • Guiding customers towards operations that conserve energy and the environment
  • Equal treatment of subcontractors
  • Adherence to agreements
  • Long-term subcontractor relationships
  • Effective purchasing and quality processes
  • Monitoring and supervising the work and quality of subcontractors
  • Active, open and responsive communications
  • Reliable information on the company
  • Timely, reliable and open communications
  • Developing and expanding communications channels
Society and the authorities
  • Compliance with legislation and other regulations issued by the authorities
  • Responsible and transparent operations
  • Paying taxes
  • Monitoring legislative developments and introducing the company’s perspective to the discussion
  • Participation in the development of cities
  • Improving the energy efficiency of business premises
  • Providing jobs
  • Participation in the activities of industry organisations
  • Dialogue
  • Active involvement in various organisations
  • Developing the industry in partnership with industry organisations
Other stakeholders, such as educational institutions and various research and development organisations
  • Providing opportunities for internships and thesis writing
  • Participation in the industry’s research and development activities
  • Providing study opportunities to students in the field of real estate
  • Joint projects with educational institutions in the field of real estate