Strategy and priorities

The development of responsible operations is guided by our vision of being the most reliable, profitable and responsible operator and implementer of sustainable development in the property sector.

Developing environmental responsibility and customer experience are strategic priorities for Sponda, and the company develops its business through these priorities. Annual targets and key actions are defined for these two priorities.

The Executive Board and the Board of Directors regularly monitor the achievement of targets. The priorities described above are included in the incentive scheme that covers all personnel.

Responsibility priorities point the way to sustainable development

We have defined six responsibility priorities, the implementation and development of which we are particularly focused on in our operations. The priorities are based on Sponda’s strategy and, in particular, on its strategic focus areas related to the customer experience and environmental responsibility. Sponda's stakeholders were also involved in defining the priorities.

The purpose of the responsibility priorities is to manage the development of Sponda’s operations from the perspective of sustainable development.

Our responsibility priorities are:

 To support the development of our responsibility efforts, we set annual targets for our responsibility priorities and report on their achievement. In addition, our Executive Board annually evaluates the climate change-related risks and opportunities related to our operations as part of its decision-making.