Our services meet your needs

At least once or twice throughout their careers, people face the task of renting an office. In these situations, quick and easy progress is the key to a convenient result. To achieve this, the partner in cooperation should know what they are doing and be able to produce the required services.

We will offer you

Your assigned contact person
The contact person will know the needs of your business and appreciate your cooperative relationship. You can always contact them directly, even though most issues can be handled through our 24/7 customer service centre.

Expert property services
Our partners in cooperation will make sure that everything in the property works, that the security is intact, and that you receive round-the-clock service when necessary.


Additional property services to meet your needs
Are you in need of lobby services? Does your business require a cafeteria or an auditorium? We will find or produce the services you need.


Flexibility and custom-made facilities
It is not easy to find a property with a suitable location, size, and floor plan. If necessary, we will design and implement changes suited for the space. We can also design the space to be adjustable to your needs.

Efficient energy solutions
All our properties are delivered with excellent energy efficiency. Together, we will design your office to make your business operations as environmentally friendly as possible.