Responsibility commitments

Our responsible operations are guided by Sponda’s Code of Conduct and the principles of the UN’s Global Compact initiative.

In 2014, we drafted a Code of Conduct that lays a foundation for Sponda’s responsibility efforts and their management as well as for our stakeholder cooperation. The Code of Conduct covers Sponda’s responsibility principles, including good governance, responsibilities and expectations in terms of key stakeholders, transparent business operations, anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices, environmental responsibility and its responsibility as an employer. The Code of Conduct has been approved by Sponda’s Board of Directors. The Code of Conduct is supplemented by Sponda’s internal policies, operational guidelines and commitments.

We have also made a commitment to comply with the ten principles of the UN’s Global Compact initiative. The principles apply to human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. Sponda signed the commitment in 2014. The commitment supports our goal of being a forerunner of responsibility in our line of business.

We report on our progress in complying with the ten principles of the Global Compact commitment on an annual basis. The report will be available to the public here.

Sponda code of conduct