Responsibility is part of our day-to-day operations

At Sponda, responsibility is an integral part of our day-to-day work and business expertise. We call it Spondability. Spondability is a visible part of our daily operations, steering us and our partners towards an ever more responsible future. Spondability covers all areas of responsibility: social, economic and environmental responsibility. The property sector as a whole plays a key role in improving energy efficiency and mitigating climate change, and we want to have a strong involvement in this effort.

Our vision is to be the most responsible player in the property sector

The development of responsible operations is guided by our vision.  Our goal is to be the most reliable, profitable and responsible operator in the property sector, implementing sustainable development.

We also promote responsible ways of working in the property sector in co-operation with our subcontractors. We require transparent operations and up-to-date communications from our subcontractors. To prevent the grey economy, we have set strict contractual conditions for subcontractors and require that they are officially registered pursuant to the Finnish Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out.

Every day approximately 30,000 people work in premises owned by Sponda. 

Employee well-being is important to us

At Sponda, we invest in employee well-being and work fitness in many different ways. The work of each employee is guided by clear targets, the achievement of which is reviewed annually. Good leadership and management are essential to us, and we evaluate it annually. We provide our employees with comprehensive occupational healthcare and support their voluntary physical exercise activities as well as the maintaining of a healthy balance between work and family life. We follow the principles of equality and non-discrimination in everything we do.

Responsibility priorities point the way to sustainable development

We have defined six responsibility priorities, the implementation and development of which are particularly focused on in our operations. The priorities are based on Sponda’s strategy and, in particular, on its strategic focus areas related to the customer experience and environmental responsibility.

The purpose of the responsibility priorities is to support the development of Sponda’s operations from the perspective of sustainable development. The achievement of the objectives is reviewed annually. In 2014, we conducted a materiality analysis, based on which the responsibility priorities were updated. Sponda’s responsibility priorities are:

  • Energy and environmental efficiency
  • Property locations
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Investing in employees
  • Transparent and ethical operations
  • Taking the industry forward

Future challenges await — we are ready

We are preparing for future challenges today by investing in improving our environmental expertise and developing solutions that promote the well-being of the environment. We aim to continuously develop our services and operations to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our properties.

We support our customers in more energy-efficient use of their premises and strive to increase their environmental awareness. Our customers and other partners play key roles in the implementation of our corporate responsibility. The well-being of the environment is also taken into consideration in deciding on property investments. In accordance with our investment strategy, the focus of our property portfolio is on central urban locations with good public transport links.