Our work with stakeholders is guided by trustworthiness and integrity

Sponda has several stakeholders, and we engage in active co-operation with them. The guiding principles for our work with stakeholders are trustworthiness and integrity. We operate transparently, complying with legislation and regulations. We answer to several different stakeholders – investors, shareholders, customers, the authorities, our personnel, as well as subcontractors and the media.

Personnel – Committed, skilled and motivated personnel are a key resource for us.  We currently have appr. 100 employees in total.

Customers – Our customers operate in various industries and in different parts of Finland. Our customers in Russia also represent many different industries. In Finland, the largest customer groups operate in the retail and wholesale business, in the public sector and in the banking and investment sectors.

Investors and owners – Sponda strives to be a company with a stable financial standing and a good and profitable investment choice for investors. Our target is to provide investors with reliable, unbiased, consistent and up-to-date information to support their decision-making.

Financiers – We aim at being a reliable long-term partner for our financiers, which are mainly Nordic banks, with Danske Bank, Nordea Bank Finland plc, Pohjola Bank plc, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (PUBL) and Swedbank being the largest.

Partners – We require all of our subcontractors and partners to have operations that are transparent and responsible and take environmental issues into account. Our contracts aim at reliable long-term partnerships.

Media – The foundation for our media relations is a fast, active and open approach. Media relations are maintained through active communications and contact with journalists.

Society and the authorities – Through responsibility in corporate and environmental matters, we strive to be a socially responsible company. We maintain good relations with the authorities and comply with statutory and other official requirements. We actively monitor developments in regulations and co-operate with the authorities to express our views.

Organisations – We are actively involved in RAKLI (The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients), EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association), INREV (European Association for Investors in Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles) and the Finnish Green Building Council. In Russia, we belong to the Association for European Businesses real estate forum.

Other stakeholders – Our other important stakeholders include educational institutions and various research and development organisations.  Every year we provide opportunities for university students, for example, to work on a thesis related to the property sector.