Sponda seeks growth and profitability through customer-focused operations, active property development and property sales and acquisitions in Finland.

The main goals of Sponda’s strategy are profitable growth, active portfolio development and more focused property ownership. The company’s operations are focused on office properties, shopping centres, coworking-spaces and property development serving these segments.

Sponda’s geographical focus is on prime areas in the Helsinki metropolitan area, particularly in the central business district and Ruoholahti, as well as Tampere. Focusing property ownership on strategically important areas, where Sponda already has a strong position, gives the company a better capacity to develop its market intelligence and grow profitably.

In addition to the company’s strategic direction, the criteria applied by Sponda in selecting properties for acquisition and ownership include energy efficiency, flexibility, central location and access to public transport and prospective development potential.

Strategic focus

Sponda’s strategic focal points are customer experience and environmental responsibility. The energy consumption of the properties included in Sponda’s Energy efficiency programme has decreased in line with previously set targets. At the same time, a growing percentage of the waste generated at the properties is being recovered. Sponda’s customer relationships are based on interactive partnership. With the help of a process to support the development of the customer experience, Sponda aims to identify the best ways of working from the customer’s perspective.

Environmental responsibility is an integral part of Sponda’s operations. The company’s long-term goal is to develop its environmental expertise and to share this expertise with customers and partners.